How do you start working when you are so lazy and used to procrastinating?

Paula E.
Remove the distractions and have yourself spend a certain amount of time in that room without distractions like your phone, fidgety things, pets, etc. and make sure it is as decluttered as possible. You’ll find yourself become bored enough that you absolutely have to do something, so you do the work in front of you. If your work is mostly digital, try making a list of objectives and write what you are currently working on every ten minutes or so and you’ll usually find that if you are procrastinating you’ll write down the procrastination, explain why you should get back to work, and once you actually get to the work you begin to forget about the written logging and instead get lost on the work.
Virgil P.
I would suggest looking at whether there is a reason behind the ‘laziness’ and procrastination. If getting started is a problem for you there may be more to it than laziness.
Ethan F.
Don't settle for the small things that could go on a Todolist for the day. Pick ONE "A" priority that will make you proud of having accomplished. And, the rest are for is you find the time. Doing one big thing early in the day will make you feel good about accomplishing things. And teach the value of making progress. Usually, the reason we procrastinate is that the things on our Todo list are not important enough. Then better find something that really makes a difference.
Freddie C.
Work to establish a routine. For procrastination, I find that that difficulty is because you think you have to sit there for 8 hours… give yourself an easy task- start with a 25 minute deep work session (it’s in make me fabulous). Anyone can sit down for only 25 minutes… that’s shorter than a sitcom! Use this task to start working and treat it like the drink a glass of water habit. Use it to slowly develop the habit of automatic work, and then you can start lengthening that over time…
Martin F.
I find the best way to start a habit ypu aren't use to fulfilling is to only gice yourself a few minutes to do it. Knowing that you'll be done quickly can increase the chances that you'll start it. Often I find that if you just start, you'll end up doing more than you planned. If you don't, it's still a win because you did SOMETHING. The more you get used to starting, the easier it will be to keep amd fulfill the habit.
Ana Y.
In fact, the idea of ​​making a coffee makes me move, but the effect of Fabulous is great too. Because I like to complete the routines in this app.
Tilde N.
I force my self of any seat or bed drink water turn on an audible and get moving while constantly telling my self just keep moving one thing at a time
Louis W.
Procrastination isn’t something you can just suddenly lay choose not to do. Why do you do it? There are so many readons one procrastinates or is lazy.

When I procrastinate I look at it and think, “Is there a reason I don’t want todo this?” My reason usually turns to be some form of the “thing” I’m avoiding causes me anxiety. Therefore, I avoid thing. Less anxiety!

But that doesn’t get me where I want to be. That isn’t the person I want to be.

Sometimes I incentivize doing the thing (if I make this call, then I can take a nap). I put the hard thing first so it’s over soon. And I explore options for changing it so it doesn’t cause me anxiety.

Could I send an email instead?

When I was avoiding exercise and being sedentary there were two general causes. One: exercising, even gently, hurt. Two: I was depressed and the effort was just too hard.

The only way I got out of this wa snotto make myself exercise. Why would I want to do something that ways painful not in the waking up muscles pain way, but in the something is seriously wrong with my feet way.

Other people just kept pushing me to get up and move. It didn’t work. No amount of knowledge on how improved my life would be if I exercised helped. I knew that. I just wasn’t willing to be in that kind of pain.

I had to learn to trust myself and say something else is needed. Bug off people. It’s not time for that.

I had to change doctors to get one who would work with me. I trust my gut and tried some alternate medicine options (an herbalist for example). In doing that I tried giving up all dairy completely.

In less than a month I could walk with no pain. I enjoy going for walks now. I miss them.

Same with eating good food. I knew what was healthy. But if I took time to make that happen I had no way to do what else I loved. I had to find what works for me. I’m eating healthy for the first time in years. Because I’m doing it how it works for me.

As to depression, it’s been a problem since I was 12. I just keep working at it. Going to therapy. Being vulnerable. Thinking in new ways. Giving up family “training” that didn’t work.

For me procrastination is me just being lazy. It means there's something I need to look at.

My answer to stopping procrastination? You have to want to. I can’t give you that.

Chris J.
Im generally doing something as a procrastination, so I set a timer for 10 min to finish what I’m doing, then I set a timer for 5 min to gather everything to start the test. Then I set the timer for 15 min. I work hard on the task. At the end I look at how much I got done and see if I want to keep working.
If I don’t. Because I hate it, I look to see if it actually needs to be done. If it does, then I see if I can outsource it (cleaning, dishes, etc)
If I must Be done, by me, I figure out what I need to Din to accomplish it, then I Amin to get one step somebody a day.
Margaux Q.
You have to start off with something small or easy to do then try to repeat it every day and once you get use to doing that then move on to something more gradually. It’s really all about repetition.
Mathis G.
I make a cup of coffee and force myself to get up. I put on some up beat music and get going. I tend to get more done if I am under pressure.
Sis Nio Q.
I make sure my basic needs are meet like making sure I’m not hungry or sleepy before a task. I hear myself up with a walk or pep talk. I’ll make a list of things I have to do so then those outstanding projects begin to bother me till they’re done. Eventually I realize the task wasn’t worth the procrastination. It’s all in my head! I just remember to get out my own way and let the work process flow naturally, normally whereas I’ll find my groove and get’er done!