Do you have any little rituals you perform around your Deep Work session to get you in optimal headspace?

Cecy F.
I first block my distractions, so put my phone on silent, close my email. Then I drink water and take a deep breath. I then make my to do list and identify my three most important tasks. Then my deep work session starts and I am usually focused and clear on what I need to be working on.
Philip F.
I need to get comfortable first so I might wrap a cosy blanket round my hips, make sure I have a cup of tea and put my slippers on. Sometimes I like a breeze to come in through the window. If it’s a task I’m a bit daunted by I might do it while I’m still in bed in my pyjamas.
Lya S.
I like to link my Deep Work with my at just and commit to plans rituals, as one generally relates to or reflects the other. Thats one of my eays of writing out ny potential distractions.

(I also love wonderful – usually classical, and usually baroque – music with my wonderful noise cancelling headphones to help in busy and/or chatty environs…)

Lawrence O.
I fill up my water bottle and then make sure that all the necessary work and corresponding tools I need is in front of me. That includes physical supplies and papers, as well as tabs on my computer and phone that are and aren’t necessary. I also prepare my mindset as well. I have struggled with focus for awhile so I try to tell myself that I need to just focus for 25 min and not let myself get bogged down by an extensive ritual. Just setting the timer, starting, and committing to at least not being distracted is the most important part. It’s okay if the work isn’t high quality, or you feel like you aren’t making progress. I also tend to work better in the presence of others (as long as they aren’t talking to me).
Zack X.
When I think of it I like to do a mindfulness exercise for one minute to get my thinking on one track and not running on all tracks at once like crazy, but focused. Or a deep breathing exercises
Micheal S.
Honestly – no. For me, I have to just start the task or I will procrastinate forever. Once I spend 5 mins on the task, I can get absorbed enough to get into flow or at least get enough done to a good stopping point.

I thrive on pressure of commitments that I’ve made to others so artificial deadlines don’t work for me. It does help for me to commit to someone to get them a task be a certain date/time.