I struggle to get deep work done as I keep getting interrupted. This is the nature of my job so I can’t change the interruptions, any suggestions on how to do deep work with interruptions? Thanks.

Wencke J.
Thank you very much for asking me,
I suggest the following
1- make a to-do list
2- making a priority for every task
3- put time for every one
4- start with the things take less than 2 min, this will give you a jump start
5- change the place, use the meeting room. Coffee shop
Please let me know the results.
Ma Lys O.
I have a similar career in which I am frequently interrupted while I am working on a focused task. I put up a sign asking people to come back in 30 or 60 minutes for a scheduled interruption so I can have 60 consecutive minutes uninterrupted. It is starting to be observed while I kindly ask people to help me
Kent Y.
I isolate and set up my environment. play my meditation/spa station on Pandora and had my cup of tea while working on my studiying
Soan W.
Firstly, you need to change how you define your Task and Interruptions. Task should be defined in more generalised way that it inculudes things that you now call Interruptions. And Interruptions should be defined as thinking about thing unreleted to your job (eg. boy/girlfriend, children, what you'll do when you get of work, how your iritated/mad at colleague) those thing should go on Interruptions list. Since your job require multitasking I would recomend when your of work to do those Habits mindfully using Simple Habit app (section On the go, use it for commuting, walking, whatever usually for 20 min). Since multitasking by itself requires brain to inhibite one stimulus (your deep work task when in you're interrupted needs to be inhibited) and you need to refocus on another task (that you defined as interruption), you can practice your brain to do this by playing Smart app in section All games there is section FLEXIBILITY that I consider perfect for training your brain for multitasking.
H Lo Se Z.
Break it into smaller chunks, 25min with 2 to 5 minute breaks. My husband actually uses his headphones, then I know not to talk right then. Don't know the nature of your work. Some people the also come in earlier do the deep work then and leave earlier.
Dick F.
If you have the time, I’d highly recommend reading “Deep Work” by Cal Newport for some tips on how to institute focus time at your organization.

If your company is flexible and understanding of the fact that employees all work differently, try to find ways to establish agreed-upon rituals on your direct team. I’ve used a USB mini traffic light to indicate my working mode — teammates know not to interrupt me when the light is red, or to consider if the question can wait until the end of the hour if the light is yellow, let’s chat if the light is green!

The important piece to finding a successful way to establish deep working time is to ensure your team is aligned on communication expectations and why those expectations will benefit the entire company.

If you face any struggles instituting deep work time, look up some articles about “flow states” so that you’ll have stats and research to backup the need for deep work time. A 30-second “quick question” can instantly break your flow state and will cost up to 30 additional minutes to reenter that flow state.

Slack, email, open air offices and other modern technologies and amenities make ad-hoc collaboration *seem* highly valuable. But in actuality, those are crutches that allow people to not plan out their work (and dependencies on you) in advance. Try starting with a “focus hour” in the last hour of the work day where no meetings can be scheduled to allow you to at least wrap up emails and leave your work at work!

Karl Dieter U.
Maybe set your deep work time to a limit of 25min to 30min
Most things like emails and phone calls can wait for 30 min
You can set a time window for deep work at 9:00-9:30am (or whenever is convenient) and tell yourself “This is uninterrupted, sacred work time. Any call, email, or text I get in this window can be attended to as soon as the 30 min is up”

If you have a lot of work to do, you can set up multiple 30 min deep work sessions throughout the day and the times in between can be used to check messages.

I hope this helps. Good luck!