What is a good way to start working?

Chris Y.
If you are self employed then here are a few tips I can offer you:

1. Believe you can do it. That you love working, the process and you love working for yourself.

Tell yourself how lucky you are to be doing your job(s)

Create positive affirmations for yourself that fit.

2.Write down your goals.

This is obviously quite simple but when it comes time to do it we become some what hesitate because of so many reasons.

This stops us from getting our goals done and achieving success.


3. Take time to Visualize or Breath

Visualize for Ten minutes of how it would be when you get your work done.

What does that feel like?

What do you do when you are done?

Do you accomplish more task after or do you celebrate with a short break?


You can turn off the worries or thoughts in your mind by breathing and just doing the task at hand. It becomes more easier when you do it more. It is call being mindful.

4. Set a timer

Set a timer for a task whether 20, 30 , 40 minutes.

In that time try your best to keep focus on your goals.
If you have a hard time keeping focus.

When you are done try to write down all of the distractions after the timer is off.

Usually the list will be long at first then it become shorter and shorter. You will be the master of you time.

Turn off your phone if it is not important for your job.

Treat your space as your office even if that means sitting at your dinning table and acting as if that is an office desk.

Take breaks
•Lunch breaks

Make your browser on your computer full screen- this helps get rid of tempted distractions.

Shut down the office physically at home. I say physically because it is never really off mentally.

Thanks for reading this far and I hope this helps you.


Villads Z.
Clear out the work space and turn on the 'do not disturb' on the phone. Start with only 25 min (with the possibility of taking a break or continue working if it is going well)
Olivia P.
I've a trick I use for many issues in my life. One thing is what is happening in my mind and the other the actions my body perform. If I don't want to work but is time I simply go an sit in front of the computer, block distractions and open what I have to do. After a while the lazzy thoughts go away and I find my self concentrated in my work.
Laura P.
I don’t think there is a good way to start working, it’s more of finding what you love to do, creating a plan and doing those things. Having someone that can hold you accountable and you being able to track your progress. When you focus on that thing you love to do, you’re not necessarily working as you are fulfilling your purpose and leading others. If you’re like me and skilled at many things, you must find a correlation between all of those things your good at doing and create a business that will allow you to utilize your many skills and strengths. With anything you do, it will require commitment, discipline, strength and faith. You must actively show up.
Kaitlin U.
A good way to start working is by imagining what would happen when you finish it like I feel happy when I finish working then separate the things which are easy and what is difficult start with easy then difficult and then easy again repeat the process
Miguel T.
Write a list of stuff to do. Set a time limit to keep from getting overwhelmed or burned out. Pick your favorite background noise (silence, white noise, or music). Start with the most important thing on your list and get to work.
Allen J.
Work something hard for at least 25 minutes before you do every day punctual tasks (E-mail and phone answering) and specially before any distracting behavior (Facebook, News, Buying, Surfing the net or playing)
Heinz Josef F.
Just start. Begin before you allow yourself time to think of other things you might rather be doing.
Sander Z.
When I am wanting to have a deep morning work session, I make sure I set up my work station with everything I need the night before. Typically the work requires my laptop. so, as soon as I wake up, I go to my desk and start up the computer and then get the coffee started.
On these days, I still allow myself to have a few minutes with myself and my coffee before I sit to work, but having everything ready to go motivates me to get to work pretty quickly.

Another element to this is that when I come home from work, I don't cpntinue to work. My brain and body are worn out. I take a moment to understand that what will only take me an hour in the morning would take twice as much time after work because my brain has been going all day and runs slower in the evenings. That and the fact that I only have so much time in the morning before I have to move on and get ready to go to work. This helps me use my time more effectively by makeing choices and moving on. In the evening I tend to readjust and change things too often because getting to bed on time doesn't feel as pressing for me to complete my tasks as quick as it does when I am making sure I get to work on time.

Also, having completed these tasks in the morning sets a pattern of getting tasks done all day. When i don't start my day knocking off a couple tasks, the rest of the day sees tasks being compleated at a much slower and less efficient.

Amy J.
I tried different ways to start working. Then I find the best way for me is to grab my laptop and start working right after I opened my eyes. In stead of reading from my phone and letting myself relaxed a bit in the early morning, I like devoting myself into an hour of work right after waking up. Otherwise I usually find myself wandering for half and hour before I can force myself sit down and work.
Heinz Werner E.
This is always the hardest part for me, but initiation sometimes requires you to break the task down and to do the easiest part first. Once you get the ball rolling, you can commit yourself to completing the task.
Lucas C.
By preparing your mind way back. That can be reviewing the reasons why you're working the work (things to buy, to invest, to save etc). To maintain the motivation n momentum so you can get to start working, when you need to
Nanna P.
It helps to have a short routine that sets you up mentally and physically. Silence distractions. Use the restroom. Clear the work space. Signal to others that you are occupied. I have one type of herbal tea that I only make at the start of a work session.
Esa Z.
Make a 25 minute deep work session the first thing you do when you get to work. Before email, before any meetings, etc.

Pick one of your 3 most important tasks and make that the focus of that session.

This creates an amazing start to the day. It gives you a sense of being in charge of your tasks rather than immediately reacting to the requests of others.

Hannah A.
I always try to find a quiet spot and put headphones in – often without music, just to block the sound out. And then it's about having a distinct sound and telling myself "right, I'm going to work for 25 minutes. Let's do this." Easier said than done but hopefully this helps 🙂
Ella U.
Drink a glass of water for a quick burst of energy. Set your phone to "do not disturb" and give yourself 3 things to do. Tell yourself "Even if I don't feel like it, I will get this done." Remember your goals