My mind is so easily distracted, especially by email and social media, whatsapp etc. Especially when I am trying to start work, this is problematic. Do you have any tips on how to focus your mind?

Lily O.
Yes sometimes I started with a memory game some computers offer and play 3 times. Like recognise similar tiles. There are also online. I don’t respond to any mail or anything else when I work
Beverly C.
Yes, I hide my phone and close every browser on my computer, except for my work browser. I have to hide those temptations from myself.
Jack O.
Turn off app’s notifications. Keep your phone inside a drawer, or give it to a coworker. Check your progress every hour.
Johanne X.
Try meditating. Fabulous has some meditations you can try. I like using the Headspace app for meditation, which has some really good meditations packs for all different kinds of meditation, including ones to help you focus. It can take a while to get used to meditating, but it only takes a short while of consistent meditating and it makes a phenomenal difference. You can try it and see how you go. Fabulous has a habit that you can add into your routine to, if you want.
Ivone P.
Usually, I willl turn my phone into airplane mode. Which disconnect me from other social media stuff. If I really need to use internet for researching, I will use my laptop instead. My laptop doesn't connect to any social media. With this kind of set up, I limited myself from any kind of distraction and focus better.
Kimberly F.
Turn off notifications. You can also use daily limits for using apps. If you still can’t refrain from using them, I suggest you look into what’s really important for you in life. Maybe staying on social media is important for you therefore your mind is attracting you there 🙂
Dennis P.
Turn it all off.
Are you really up for work? Then turn it all off and only go there again after the timeframe you dedicated for work. If something is urgent you’ll get a phone call.