How do you decide what to do when there are so many things on your to-do list?

Anneliese Z.
If you are overwhelmed by the todo list, I would highly recommend that you review your life and the amount of projects you have engaged in. Makes no sense to have too many. Alternatively select the top 3 and ignore the rest.

Th Odore I.
I figure out what the most pressing and urgent thing is and do that first. If there isn't anything urgent then I do what is most important in terms of meeting my long term goals.

Nelson Y.
When there are too many things on my plate… I usually take a walk or sleep for sometime by thinking what all I can do and try to prioritize with eyes closed or thinking while walking. Once priority has been set I use pomodoro technique to finish the task of high priority without thinking abt any other tasks until the current task is done. But the problem I face is after completion of this task my brain and body goes to relaxation state automatically. Switching back to focus mode to start working on new task becomes so difficult and I start procastinate. This is one area I need to work on how to switch easily . I can switch when task 1 is still in pending but it's difficult when it's completed. For example when an app is launched its tough to start working on new app, but when it's still not yet launched I can easily switch between the tasks.

Dave F.
If theresl are urgent prior1 things, i start with them. Otherwise i choose some easy-to-do things to make the list shorter and make myself feel better 🙂

Connor P.
I'll often use thought bubbles or maps and prioritize the big goals into smaller ones. If I could upload a photo it'd be a bit more explanatory but a quick google may help.

L On O.
I go for what I truly value, what serves me and others best. I try to choose what follows my goals too. When I get emotional I take time to process. When the sun shines I try to get out.

Wallace U.
I try to link my to do items to my big goals and then prioritize in order of their importance… key is to keep the big goals moving