I would be particularly interested in getting more information how to develop and improve my skills in focusing on my work? What kind of behavior should I avoid to not to lose control over it?

Anna W.
here are some tips that help me stay focused.

1. Do something you love everyday and carry the good energy into rest of your day.

I love and play tennis in the morning. I always strive to make progress in my game and my fitness. Every small progress i make makes me confident and i look forward to the next day. It also reminds me to deal with the rest of the problems and work in my life the same way. Practice mistakes practice mistakes practice mistakes practice attitude was developed in me. – It also brings about competitive spirit in me and i carry it into my work as well. So do something you love and carry the good energy into the rest of the day.

2. Among the targets for the day have a list of "satisfaction targets" that you must meet by the end of your day so that you will love to look forward to the next day. Even meeting half of them will give you sound sleep and helps you pat on your back when you start getting worried. You will wake up fired up to do your work and your day.

3. Dont try to sleep at a certain time. Only stick to waking up at a certain time no matter what.
By doing so your body not only gets used to it but also signals you when its time for bed and it will have the freedom to decide how much sleep it really needs. I listen to my mind and body.

4. Also develop work related skills you need. Break it into small steps and focus on progress. Every step you successfully complete will make you confident and more focused.

5. Listen to your mind and body – when it feels really thirsty/ hungry. Attend to it right away. Don't deny them for a long time. You don't want a sluggish focus and it also helps u maintain good weight and a healthy stomach and gut.

The above tips i am giving are those i observed and developed in myself by my own. Which is why i stick to them. Find a method that works for you by being self aware. I do follow many other things but that is something you can easily find on the internet and on fabulous app.

Fernando U.
Rather than avoiding behavior, I find that for me it’s more effective to focus on returning to the task at hand once I realize I’m distracted. Rather than losing control, it’s about regaining control once I realize it’s been lost. Then I find my focus skills improve over time.
Albana Q.
Maybe you have to accept that you will lose control sometimes and just have a plan in place for when it happens to help you get back on track. Training yourself to become aware when you lose focus will probably help over time. I like the suggestion of keeping a notebook handy during focused work. That way if your brain pops something random in your mind or something that you need to remember to do later, you can review what you wrote down after you’re done focusing. It’s worked for me so far, but I’m still learning this skill too. You’re not alone. We just need some patience while we’re learning how to become aware of what we are focusing on. It’s very similar to the skill of meditation, which I highly recommend you look into.