How do you complete Deep Work on days you are traveling, or have full day events? Do you carve time out, or led it slide?

Clayton C.
It depends on if I can do the work or not. If I feel I am using travel or events as an excuse not to do deep work, I reflect on that. But if I genuinely don't have the time / energy to complete the work after full day activities I let it slide and come back to it the next day. I try to look at completing deep work as the baseline and occasions when I don't as the exception. Unless I have reason to believe I shouldn't complete deep work, I'll go ahead as normal and include it in my day. I hope this helped.
Isabella I.
Depending on the work or the day it’ll be one or the other (carv out time vs let it slide). Sometimes I’ll try to do one thing on the list throughout the day and count it as a “let it slide”.
Ma Lie E.
There are days in which I would just let it slide but then I remember that this is a lifestyle that requires you to be constant if you really want to achieve your goals so if I can't do exactly what was on my to do list I try to do the most similar thing that will keep me on my track!