What apps or tools do you use to block the notifications distractions during your Deep Work?

Alex P.
I don't. I simply mute the sounds for notifications, all of them during a certain timeframe. Only the alarm sound system stays on. After a certain time frame, I turn them back on. Easier to do and saves time/room for me and my phone.
C Lian P.
I put my phone in airplane mode, sometimes I simply put it away from me, but in any case I remove ringtones or vibrations. I do not use any kind of apps.
Imre N.
I don’t normally use an app. If I must I put it in Airplane Mode or turn the sound down. But normally I’m simply not glued to my phone so if I’m busy with something else, my phone isn’t usually on me, therefore it isn’t a problem.
Damian U.
No app but you can always go to phone setting to turn off the notification. I would usually just put the phone on airplane mode and turn off the wifi
Henry Z.
I use blocksite as it has the option to do both,block website as well as apps.Also,it have an additional work feature which will block certain website and apps for a fixed period of time set by the user.
Mikkel N.
I actually don’t have many apps with notifications on my phone. I check my messages when it makes sense for me (usually on a water break.)
Sharlene E.
Don't download apps for this work just go the android settings for the apps you want blocked tap notifications option click off button…
Mille P.
Surprisingly, I don't use any hi tech tools. When I need to focus, I just tap on my nerdy side and block my mind from the outer world. Sometimes I get so deep into this state that my wife, sitting in front of me across the table cannot get my attention. It might sound weird, maybe a little psychotic, but it's honestly what helps me concentrate. How do I do that? I focus on the task and all aspects involving it to the tiny details, until it's all I can think of. Works for me. 😉