What is something I can do right now to increase my productivity?

Sarah P.
Simply plan your to do every evening for the next day and try to comit to your plans
Eugene T.
Definetely blocking distractions, and writing down what you want to accomplish. Writing down at least, a day-by-day list makes me more accountable for what I need to accomplish. Having a list forces me to bloc distractions, silencing my phone, putting it on another room, or juat turning it off. I've noticed I spend the most time on it and if I allow it I can lose precious hours. My own writing on my planner of what I need to do gives me an in-your-face of what I got to give up, to get to what I really want even if its washing clothes.
Joaquina O.
focus on the 3 most important things you have to do this week not feeling concerned at all for the 4th, 5th, etc
M Rcio Q.
Start out the day with 10 minutes of mindfulness, to clear the mind clutter.
Nikolaos M.
Make a list! Get all things in your head out of your head and onto the page. Clear out all the clutter. Divide up everything you need to do into projects and circle your most important projects. Everything else is second priority.
Norma C.
When I meet a problem, take a break, take a deep breathe, then try again. Don't run away, escape from reality won't make thing better.
Linda C.
Try setting a timer for 25 minutes and use that time to work intently and without distraction. At the end of that time, take a five minute break and deal with any potential distractions which may have come up (like email, text messages, etc.). Then reset your timer for 25 minutes and repeat the cycle.
Abbie W.
Write a to-do list. Bonus if you can break it down so must take are 10 minutes or less (e.g., get mail, keep/toss mail, process each item of kept mail).
Franz W.
Start a morning routine that includes hygiene, meditating, making a To Do List, and journaling. This allows your mind to wake up and gives you the opportunity to make a plan for your day. We don't plan to fail, but we often fail to plan.
H Lya G.
"Just do it"! The Niki shoe slogan. There are some days where I'm not as productive as I want to be. It's like being on a diet. You need to allow yourself a "cheat day" occasionally. A "cheat day" gives you the opportunity to eat something forbidden, satisfying that craving. It restarts your metabolism by taking your body out of the "starvation mode" where it's saving energy. The results increases weight loss. You can't be a perfectionist when you are decluttering your house to create space. You need to practice self control with whatever you bring into your house. Decuttering is an ongoing process. You need to incorporate routines and schedules. To increase your productivity find a time in the day where you are most likely to succeed. It might be in the morning, etc. Schedule it in your day like you do your other activities. I use the calendar on my cellphone. Use a "cheat day" and only work on productivity for five minutes. This might be a jump to restart your productivity. Remember that Fabulous recommends celebrating. Celebrate after being productive this will keep the "ball rolling". We're all human and you'll have your off days, jump back into the saddle and just do it! I hope my suggestions help you.
Mathew G.
Work in short chunks of time – I alternate 25 and 50 minutes blocks with short rest periods in between. After several of these I go for a walk or do some sort of physical activity.
Vickie Y.
Something I can do right now to increase my productivity is to get all of my things in one safe place. I can research a calm home Im confident in.
Latiffa A.
Sometimes making a to do list is helpful, but also can be daunting. Instead, get a notebook and fill it with tasks completed as you finish them. Before you know it you'll have a record of a lot checked boxes and more importantly, of work done!