How to not feel exhausted after the deep work session?

Maria B.
My deep work session is really my computer software training. Usually i dont feel physically tired after it, i feel mentally tired. So what helps me is moving towards my exercise session after work: either the gym (spinning and sauna), or a dance class, or a walk outdoors depending on my energy level in that day.
Jackson F.
Keep your deep work sessions between 25min to 45 min, put on some music that helps you concentrate and get motivated once your session is done give your self a break move around for 5-10 min then deep dive again if you have longer work days.

Tackle 3 priorities tasks per day and 5 tasks that will take less than 15min to complete.

This will help you accomplish more consistently.

Sulene N.
I never feel exhausted after small 25 minutes deep work sessions. Sometimes I get into a flow state and work for a longer period, maybe 1 hour, or even 2, but still don't feel exhausted, cause it happens naturally, without forcing it. The main thing is to simply get started, committing only for 25 minutes. It's easier this way, since it puts less pressure.
Alessio O.
I use 25 minutes of deep working. It has been easy for me. After each of this chunks of times, I rest for 5-8 minutes.
Also drinking water absolutely helps to feel fresh and not exhausted. It seems to me that enjoying the process is more important than getting the result in any of these 25 minutes. Eventually you will see that the task is fully done without really getting overwhelmed, or exhausted. I hope this helps.