How do you make your focus stronger? How do you make sure you aren’t distracted?

Aloisia U.
Apart from keeping distractions away from you (phone, TV, noise) and putting apps that temporarily block notifications on your laptop for ex., start with focusing on something you FEEL you have to do (bills, homework, meal planning, trip plans) and slowly move on to more boring stuff (university reading materials).

As a bonus, I would recommend bullet journaling to keep track of small tasks that might distract you while focusing (“have to pick up eggs on my way phone” type stuff)

Etiene G.
I am still working on this. Maintaining a good setting for focused work is crucial, I think.

Similar to how it is crucial to having a good setting for meditation, for sleep, for exercise… etc.

The other things is that I think it takes practice.

So when I do find I am “in the zone”, I really try to maximize the focused work session and accomplish the tasks required to conpletion.

That doesn’tran work for 3 hours straight and not take a break but it kind of like running or exercising… if I am doing well… I try to go a little farther and push myself.

And the. I also try not to beat myself up too much if I have a less productive focused work session.

You still have to try again- you can’t quit. But just realize you will have another focused work session when you can try again to really focus, work longer and complete the tasks required and not get distracted.

But like a lot of my answers, this is a a work in progress for me as well.

Nicole F.
The key to focusing is setting yourself up for success. Make sure you get rid of any distractions that might occur. Website blockers and silencing your phone are great tools for this. Start with short periods of deep focus and gradually increase them as you get better. Before you start working make sure you have a well defined goal in mind and always keep this purpose as you're working.
Suzy A.
You can’t stop distraction, it’s part of your brain. Every time you get distracted, write down the distraction. When you do that, there’s a sense of having let go. That makes it easy to get back to work.
Timothee Z.
I turn off phone music or tv and use the pomodoro method. 55 minutes solid work on a timer. 5 mins off. You can also use 25 mins and 5 mins
Annelore X.
Setting a goal and writing a to do list really helps me to focus more. I will feel that I’m short of time and I want to do so much more. Hope I can keep it up. I want to make my scheduling more structured and routined. Hope this app can also set weekly/ bi weekly/ or monthly/ or yearly routines.