Any tips from users with ADHD?

Timothy X.
Keep focussed . Keep pad next to you with all the things that pop into your head . Write down and then focus back on to the task in hand !
Dilemre N.
I'm a user using ADHD, but I'm already 22 years old. I have very few symptoms now. Still, I want to tell you about my old experiences. First of all, do not stand too long at the start of a job. Test yourself: Find the best time to stay without losing your attention. Then work during this set time to finish a long job, then take a reasonable break and repeat until the job is finished. Keep the tools you need close. Minimize distractions such as table decorations or scattering in the field of view. Isolate yourself as you work. If you work in the home environment, tell the households that you are at work right now. If you are distracted by distracting sounds, you can turn on relaxing music that plays in the background. I can recommend to you in this regard.
Rico N.
Use Fabulous to stay focused. Set the alarms so you will know what they mean and don’t overwhelm yourself by putting too many habits. Set yourself up for success👍🏻
Debbie U.
As a person who shares these traits, I recommend keeping lots of lists and try to stick to the realistic time periods you select for each task. You will need, I think, 5 extra minutes per activity to preclude distractions.