How do you multitask AND deep work?

Minnie Y.
Well, I do not believe in multitasking anymore – thanks to this app. I realised and experienced that multitasking increase the level of anxiety/ chaos/ stress. And decreases productivity. I always prepare my To Do list and do one task at a time. I remove distractions and work deep for limited period of time like 15-20 minutes. If the work is more complex I divide working sessions in some parts and do short breaks (tea, water, streching, short walk etc).
Kelly Q.
Good question! Here's the easy answer. Deep work IS multitasking. For example… I am landscaping the front yard 1. I put in a load of laundry. 2. I spray weed killer. While I wait 3. I measure and pre cut the weed blocker sheets. 4. I lay them out and stake them down. 5. I put the clothes in the dryer. 6.I'm watering the back lawn. You get the idea. Often times it is efficient to do more than one thing so you can finish the major item. Just make sure to set yourself up for success by planning the most efficient way to get the deep work done.
Ian A.
I keep a note pad next to me. I'm constantly interrupted so work and home. To have 25 minutes of uninterrupted work is impossible. So I make multitasking with for my life but jotting down where I left off when distracted. I make sure that what I'm going to focus on is written down before I begin my task/tasks. That's what enables me to be successful!
Arcelino N.
You don’t! If you have a lot of things that need working on, choose one. Do 25 minutes of Deep Work on it. Then stop, stretch, rehydrate and refocus. Choose the next thing and do 25 minutes of Deep Work. And so on!