How long is it can the human mind stay focused on a task without distractions?

Ayten F.
I think the average human could focus to 2hours but personally if i deep work I might focus for 3hours or evn more but the secret is having breaks to get some water or a little snack to focus more
Maristela C.
I am NOT a doctor nor a licensed professional. I would say that for each person the ability to focus on a task is different. I would ask you what is keeping your attention from the tasks that you have set before you? Are their ways that you can minimize distractions by possibly setting up a to do list for yourself, or maybe jotting down specific times throughout your days to get things accomplished. The ability to focus has everything to do with how important your tasks are to you and what they mean in terms of getting you where you want to be in your life. Once again, I am NOT a licensed professional nor a doctor. If you want specific scientific answers, you should inquire those questions to a doctor or licensed professional.
Vancl Ia Q.
30 minutes. After that, my mind starts wandering and focusing on incoming emails. It takes some self control and Gabulous time scheduling to remind me to stay focused.
Andrew F.
Like going to the gym you can train the mind to focus for longer periods. I started at 20 minute sessions with 10 for strectch and email checks after
Thea Y.
Depends on what is more important at the time. If it's something that's important to U….U will ignore everything if U can.
Valdemar X.
it's more about the task and generally the person if you are determined to get something done you'll stay focus on it no matter the distractions and if you finding the task interesting you don't care about the time it consumes,so I think with distractions or not it's all about you it's up on you
Sheryl P.
Not sure, I'm still working on this. I do know you have to set yourself up to succeed by minizing distractions, such as; setting phone to do not disturb, turning tv off, etc.