How do you keep yourself focused with distractions

Charlotte W.
I block out all the noise around me and make sure there’s no excuses for me to not do something (like cleaning a messy room for instance). Working in intervals also helps.

Shirley U.
Still working on it- at this time of isolation or reacting to the virus, I’ve become even more conscious of the environmental distractions. I want to plan a zippy routine each day and find everything depends on my own ability to concentrate—which is poor. A good thing is my focus change— to deepen personal relationships — has become more creative with the extended time I now have to give it.

Siavash I.
I make the conditions suitable for me to be able to sit and work for a long period of time from the beginning. For instance, ill make myself a nice warm mug of some herbal tea along with a snack, organize my work station in order to minimize distractions and avoid clutter and lastly, put my phone on airplane mode to avoid having to check instagram or other social networks/messaging apps.

Barbie N.
I have been struggling with that for a while, but since joining the app I’ve been improving.
I have developed a pleasure for listening to nature sounds around me when busy. Also ticking off to-dos gives an immense feeling of accomplishment which helps motivate me.
In regards to distraction, I have been using another app called Flora to avoid using my phone when busy – and avoid killing a tree!

Victor W.
Understanding what creates the distractions initially helps me to find ways to eliminate the distractions before they begin.
For example, I work in an open office environment and I notice I get very distracted with conversations. I decided to invest in sound eliminating headphones to reduce the chance of that distraction hindering my progress.

Clifford P.
I have ADHD so it is particularly difficult. I must be alone with my phone off, two hours of good music already chosen so I don’t get lost picking things, and I tell anyone who might need to reach me that I will be unavailable until ~2 1/2 hours from now. Then I switch to a new kind of task, cooking or walking or exercising or cleaning, for 30m or so before gearing up for another work sprint if I have time. The elaborate preparation really increases my productivity

Marix N.
I get distracted very easily but I try to help by putting on some good music that helps me concentrate suck as songs I don’t know or piano sounds. Leave my phone and electronic devices far away from me help me for us on my work because I’m not able to check my phone constantly.

Floor X.
I try to eliminate all possible distractions around me before I sit down to do some focused tasks. So my phone goes on silent mode, my laptop has no Social Media or Netflix platforms open, and, if possible, I try to be alone in a tidied room. Preparing some water and tea already also helps, this way I dont6have any reason to get up and do something else and thus procrastinate the task at hand.

Momo N.
I try to put my phone in the drawer and avoid checking the time. When I want to study for about 1 hour I sit alone in my room and close the door. To know when time up, I listen to 1 hour music for studying. When the some is over time is up.

Anna Marie B.
I turn my phone to silent and leave it in another room, I sit in my own in a peaceful surrounding and I set a timer for how long I need to work and take a break when it goes off before I start again!