Does anyone have good pragmatic advice for recovering from traumatic work experience? I am a social worker, and a few youth that I work with have died of overdose. I see a counselor.

Giovanna J.
What a great question. I’m a recovering addict. Stick with counseling and develop a support group around you. I started counseling around a year ago, however after only a few sessions I quit going. It wasn’t long after that did I relapse . Obviously your situation is a little different being that you have had people that you help Overdose. I would consider going to a NA meeting or find another support group that is similar. I’m hoping my wife will find a group similar to this. I definitely would stick with therapy though.

Lucy E.
Embrace your belief system and maybe work in community to keeping kids off drugs. Get them while young and reachable. Sorry I’m sure it’s so hard to stay positive.

Hermann W.
Grief counseling maybe? I’ve had at least one to three people pass away while I’ve worked in community mental health. Also it’s ok to feel for them but also know that you did everything you could for them.