Do you ever feel like you spend so much time on routines that you don’t have time for deep work?

Andrea N.
Yeah sometime..but I get a lot of work and do it deeply,so I guess you can fool around a bit with all that deep work in the morning routine thing.Its a oh so daily thing nowdays
Jane B.
I sometimes do. For my morning routine, to do it all, I need an hour. Trouble is getting out of bed, feeling relaxed and refreshed is tough when as soon as I wake up, I’m already out of time and bargaining what I can do later for my routine. I can try and solve this problem by going to bed earlier and waking up earlier to have time for my routine and leave for work on time. Field season is tough though when some mornings start at 5am. I need a strategy to work around this.
Vernon Y.
No I've not felt that I spent so much time on routines I guess because the deep works involved in the routine so it's part of it I think the routines are like the fences around the deep work if that makes sense
Ma Line S.
As this app started adding more and more items to my routine, I was worried about this. I work full time and I am a part-time graduate student, so I always feel like my schedule is packed to the gills. However, strengthening these routines had actually seemed to open up time in my day. I get to work a little later than I used to, but I get more done. I don't rush to leave to squeeze in exercise, and I have an easier time getting to bed when I observe my evening routines. It is not perfect – sometimes I get frustrated when I don't leave for work as early as I once did. But here's how I look at it: developing these habits is a learning experience, and I'll only improve in my ability to fit them into my life if I stick with them.
Amelia G.
Yes, life gets busy (and this world will continue to get busier). Prioritize, plan ahead, and be mindful of distractions that take away your time. If a planned deep work session is interrupted, try and find the time later in day or shift lower priority items around to accommodate. Good luck!

(p.s. make Deep Work part of your routine)