How do you not get bored during deep work? I use deep work as a study time, but sometimes my mind wanders and it is hard to focus. Any tips?

Catherine N.
I concentrate on what inspires me or connect it to a larger goal. I’ll also keep stating what I’m going to do out loud and then do it do my mind doesn’t have time to say “I’m bored let’s do something else” it also holds me accountable. Lastly I do interval training with deep work, I’ll start with a warm up of 5 minutes. Great work you got it!

Gina Z.
I use it as an opportunity to see what I am building, what I am aiming for. So when my mind wanders, I remind myself exactly what I think my consistent discipline will bring me, what goal I will reach, what feeling I will have or whatever it is that I am trying to bring more of into my life. It's very important to be able to link how what you are doing is linked to a bigger goal.

I do think the mind is most rebellious when you are telling it has to do something. I sometimes feel that this is when we are own worst enemies. It's like somewhere we aren't sure we can do it, succeed, so as we are actually succeeding, these things come up to get us to doubt ourselves.

Danielle C.
Have a goal in mind. We call it “definition of done” you need to know what your goal is, and if you don’t have that, spend 25 minutes “getting started” to define what done is. The more you are invested in the task, the less likely you will let your mind wander. And close all apps except what you are working on.

Magdalena X.
I am lerning this too, it helps me to write down what I am thinking about as recommended by the Fabulous, it goes away and I can follow the work.

Eloane N.
Set up a space where you can focus and put on some relaxing music, preferably some without any lyrics. Give yourself some motivation to focus, like rewarding yourself with a small treat afterwards. Having this small reward to look forward to usually helps me to focus while doing a task.