How do you manage Deep Work when you are caught up in fire-fighting?

Lisa C.
I don’t know if you mean literally fighting fires or figuratively. I disagree with your premises though. Longer answers don’t necessarily give one more time to contemplate and make more permanent changes. Would love to see the research on that. An answer doesn’t make the change, does it? I would think the change came before the answer.

Gordon T.
Sometimes I do not manage deep work. Sometimes I let the fire simmer and keep a part of my gut tethered to it to make sure I get to it before too late. What is your definition of firefighting?

Emma W.
First I reflect if there really is a “fire”, because sometimes our imagination leads us to an unreal circumstances and anxieties. And then, I just reorder my priorities.

Alma Z.
Preplan your schedule. Shut your door when you are supposed to do your deep work. Know when, where and what you are going to work on before you start your day.

Debra N.
I’m still learning how. Apparently so far, I’ve learned that you need to triage and follow through no matter the time. Make time on your side.

Deep J.
Reserve a dedicated timeslot for yourself and tell your colleagues about it. In this timeslot, you will concentrate on the tasks at hand and try to accomplish them in time. If there is a request from others during this time, simply write it down into a to-do list and go back to your work. You will look after the to-do list afterwards.

Rhonda J.
This is a tough one.
I guess the first question is how big is the “fire” & what was the cause. It is always good to recognize if you have created the fire somehow yourself & learn for that.
Then divide the time you ha e appropriately between fighting the fire & the necessary DEEP WORK. Try to allocate at least SOME TiME to Deep Work.
Is is one of those where you simply have to take it on a case for case basis 🔥 …