How do you stay focused for 4 hours?

ברק גבע בן שושן Barak Gbs N.
I’m removing everything can to distract me from the task. Sometimes even do it place that it’s purpose is to do the thing I want to focus on. For example I’m going to the park to train rather than train in my home. Music can help me to in some Actions.
Lucas O.
Put deep work for 25 minutes as one of your habits. Do it once then take a minute break or none and do it again. It is better than going for 4 hours straight because it tells our mind that we are almost done! Hope this helps please tell me if it does
Daniela G.
I usually can't stay focused 4 hours straight. I only do like a ten minute pause in each pause em drink a LOT of water and tea. Oh and don't forget about the snacks !!
Мария Серветник N.
Have a concrete plan. Have everything ready for the plan (even tea, water, or w/e). Take small breaks and have a plan for the breaks too(like 50 minutes work, 10 minutes walk around). Block distractions on your phone (I use Forest). If you like coworking, check out Focusmate! Good luck!
Ion P.
It's very hard to focused long time special on work it must be fun or some music so I dont get bored but 4 hours without break impossible
Al O Y.
Prepare complete necessities before starting work. Not forgetting to drink water to stay hydrated. Cleanliness in the surrounding area is good so that it can prevent me get distract by other things.
Luz N.
Depends on what you're doing. If you have a huge project, like running a blog, break down your tasks into simple 20 minute stretches of focused work and take a 2 minute break in between
Charity N.
I use another app on my phone that helps me focus. It’s called Forest, and it restricts me from opening other apps for a selected duration of time.
I also remove other distractions from the room.
Essentially, when I set myself up to focus is when I’m most likely to succeed. Music helps me as well. Having lo-fi, instrumental or classical music helps keep my mind on my work, but feel free to put on whatever playlist keeps YOU focused.
Carole Q.
It’s important to judge if the task at hand really requires 4 hours. Work could stretch to fill the time we give it. Or we could be giving ourselves too little time.

Then, if it’s hard to stay focused for 4 hours, break it down into manageable blocks.

For instance, if you can only focus for 20mins, do that, take a break.
Repeat until you finished your objective.

Karla T.
I right down the top three most important things to do and I focus on the most important one first until I have reached the last one
Nicholas L.
I suppose writing out my important tasks for the day and realistically incorporating breaks between deep work sessions, that way I celebrate small achievements and avoid burning out and getting distracted/ procrastinating.
Darren F.
I deleted all apps that could distract me. I finished all things that can distract me: games, series, etc. Took some breaks in the middle. Drank some tea and prepared everything I need so I didn't have to go anywhere else. Also, setting your own deadline makes you more motivated.
Adri O T.
I cannot. I male small breaks
after 40min/1hour. In general, to stay focused while studying I listen to shamanic drums on YouTube.
Patricia Q.
When I am completing work or tasks that require deep focus, one part of the process that is non-negotiable is taking breaks. Yes, I used the plural form of the word. The longer I am working on something, the greater number of breaks are required. The breaks are helpful in the sense of refocusing my brain, accessing my progress and completion of tasks, and preparing myself for setting goals and expectations future work. Another very important strategy that works for me is being mindful of my stress level when starting a task or duty. If I feel stressed initially, without really starting, I do not start or continue to work on that specific item. I migrate it for another time and move on to something else.
Alina Z.
You can use pomodoro tehnique. Also, you can try to watch a 'study with me video' while doing your work or read small paraghraphs and then have a reward. Try to break down a large task into smaller pieces. Use a pause when you need it. The pause should not be longer than 5 minute. A little rest is good for the mind, body and soul.
Ariel R.
Well, that is a good question. I personally can't take 4 hours straight but if you divide them into sections and add some breaks in between it might help! If it needs to be straight then maybe take a minute just to take a deep breath and be aware of what's happening and what you need to do…It's just an advice, so you might as well not take it if you don't like it, haha! I hope you have a great day/evening! Take care!
Diane Z.
I am a person who can be easily distracted by anything and I cannot focus on anything 4 hours straight I take long breaks instead of a short I would be so glad if I can stay focused for 4 hour straight without distractions
Gilberto S.
i start with small tasks i need to do and keep everything noted. i have an obsession, if i have to do something and i write it down i cant not do it idk how this works but it helps me
Sarah Y.
I struggle with this a lot, but using a to do list and something like a pomodoro timer which allocates breaks helps me manage my time.
Rose B.
I usually put my phone on flight mode and clean my desk. I think the hardest step for me is getting started, but once those two things are addressed the barriers feel surmountable! Once I get started I generally forget about time and can go on for hours. Hope this helps!
Andy Z.
When it is a topic I enjoy, I can stay focused for hours. Though when it is not, I have trouble. I normally turn on studying music and gather all the supplies I need to be successful. I also make sure to drink water and have a healthy snack handy.
Denisa Q.
I often use the Pomodoro technique. I work for 30 minutes without interruption and then take a 5 minutes break. I think that this is one method that keeps me going and also keeps my efficiency at a high level.
Ysabel Z.
I straight up do not. I stay focused for 25 minutes at a time, then give myself a 5 minute break, then go back to working for 25 minutes. It's the Pomodor technique. You should check it out.
Jeanette Q.
I use the pomodoro technique. 25 min deep work followed by 5 min breaks. And a new 25 min and 5 min. It's easier to do hard things if you break it into smaller segments and before you know it 4 hours have passed. It's also good to give yourself a reward after you have done it. Do something you love like 1 hour of social media, an episode of your favorite show, play video games. And so on. It will motivate you to have something to look forward to when you have completed the task.
Eduarda S.
My mom always told me that I shall love what I do, and it means giving my best work, the better version of myself in what I'm doing, even if I didn't like it. And most times I really enjoy the result of what I do, even if I disgust the activities, because I made my best, and got better. And it is important to do mostly with things we don't like so much or we are not good in, because we grow as people and help us to face the challenges easier each time they appear.
Nelson E.
Uhm so I will share my way, kinda efficient one when studying. Initially, I studied with music on, multi tasking with my computer and phone in order to learn easier. I have thought that is was good until a couple weeks ago, i saw an video on YouTube about how to focus more than 8 hours (believe or not). So the content is a bit long so i just summarize it for you.
– Study with no distractedly sound( yeah i used to do the opposite haha)
– Remove some posters or pictures in order to pay fully attention
– Using some efficient way “that I can not remember the name =)))” to study. 25 minutes study, 5 minutes rest. You can use your apps such as Plantie to do this
That all the way that still in my mind. Thank you and stay strong
Denise Z.
Sometimes I play
Music while doing a task. I pick an activity that is challenging enough and realistic enough to finish in 4 hours