How do you stay focused for 4 hours?

Adri O T.
I cannot. I male small breaks
after 40min/1hour. In general, to stay focused while studying I listen to shamanic drums on YouTube.

Alina Z.
You can use pomodoro tehnique. Also, you can try to watch a 'study with me video' while doing your work or read small paraghraphs and then have a reward. Try to break down a large task into smaller pieces. Use a pause when you need it. The pause should not be longer than 5 minute. A little rest is good for the mind, body and soul.

Ariel R.
Well, that is a good question. I personally can't take 4 hours straight but if you divide them into sections and add some breaks in between it might help! If it needs to be straight then maybe take a minute just to take a deep breath and be aware of what's happening and what you need to do…It's just an advice, so you might as well not take it if you don't like it, haha! I hope you have a great day/evening! Take care!

Eduarda S.
My mom always told me that I shall love what I do, and it means giving my best work, the better version of myself in what I'm doing, even if I didn't like it. And most times I really enjoy the result of what I do, even if I disgust the activities, because I made my best, and got better. And it is important to do mostly with things we don't like so much or we are not good in, because we grow as people and help us to face the challenges easier each time they appear.

Ion P.
It's very hard to focused long time special on work it must be fun or some music so I dont get bored but 4 hours without break impossible