I think I am realizing that creating a “goal statement” which the Fabulous App prompts me to do is going to help towards accomplishing my rituals for that day- whether it is “I want to eat healthy and exercise and feel good today” in order to make sure I exercise, or for example “I want to enjoy and excel at my work and with my family life” in order to remember what what work and family life goals are and that these goal statements will help me accomplish my exercise, healthy eating, healthy sleeping, and efficient work- Or I guess my question is, is anyone using a goal statement in order to make sure they accomplish their morning, afternoon, and evening rituals including also Focused Work, exercise, eating healthy, meditation, and healthy sleep? Do you have one “goal statement” or mission statement or several?

Lena X.
I have a few that lead into one bigger one. My short statements are "I want a healthier, better looking body," "I want to absorb as much information as possible," "I want to be more cleanly and organized," and "I want to be able to control my own emotions better." The larger picture this fits into is "I want to be the absolute best human I can be so I can be an outstanding partner and impact the world positively in whatever way I can."

Monica B.
Yes sure, my statement is to be happy in my daily life and it includes efficience in work life, exercise, helty lifestyle but also good relationship and enjoying… It's not easy but when I achieve all this goal I feel a better person!

Katelyn Q.
I usually write down whatever it is that first comes to mind. It honestly depends on the habit, but taking time to think about it is a good idea. And making sure that what you write down is important to you is good and may help you follow through!

Christianna Q.
I truly believe that if you have one realistic goal and stick to it you're going to achieve it more easily than making several goals