What can I do to get back into my deep work if I get stuck?

Casara P.
For me, « getting stuck » comes from getting overwhelmed by the task ahead of me, even a small aspect of it. I always set a timer (for 25 min or 1 hour) and I actually use an app on my TV so it’s a big reminder. I can look up at it and it automatically fights any thoughts of being overwhelmed. Basically, it gets me to stop thinking about how perfect I need what’s ahead of me to be, and instead move on to using the next 12 min or 3 min as well as I can. I’ve been using this strategy for over a year now and I swear by it.

Federico O.
Just take a small break (5 min max). Assess what distracted you. Is it something you can eliminate immediately (eg social media, some kind of object)? Do it. Is it something you need to work on in order to get rid of it (eg. A bad habit)? Write it down on a note stick or in a note book in with you keep track of your activities so you can remind yourself.

Andreia F.
Perhaps take a walk around the room so the brain gets more oxygen and being able to think clearer… Then return to work with a big long breath and break your big task into smaller ones.

Gabrielle Q.
Try aiming for just 10 minutes more work. If you are still stuck after that take a break if you find your flow keep working!

Alexis K.
I personally will take a breather, something like a short walk around the block or eating a snack. Refresh my brain and my body so I can get back to work.