How do you get motivated to do something you have to do but dread doing??

D Rio A.
I don't have things that I absolutely dread in my life right now. But when I have habits that I don't really enjoy as much- I usually get that done first!
Rose N.
I put on headphones and listen to music that gets me motivated and just focus on getting the task done. Avoiding what you dread will only keep it on your To Do list and you likely avoid scheduling it when reviewing your plans. Schedule it today and, as Adidas says, just do it!
Noelle F.
Great question! I want to be fully honest and say that I‘m not the best at this, as well. The times I’ve had the most success is when I put it in my schedule so that I have designated time to it, and it’s just another thing that needs to get done. We shouldn’t always aim to be motivated to do something, because some things just suck—and yet we need to do them anyway. Sometimes we just need to act first. Building it into your schedule might help. It goes beyond just adding it to a to-do list.