What distractions are the hardest to get rid of? And how to deal with them?

Robert J.
Television and pot. The best way to not get sucked in the black hole of tv is to just not turn it on. Do something else in that time. This is harder on days I know a show I’m looking forward to seeing will be on.

As for pot, not having it or not having it along with a tv helps. I can work on pot as long as there’s no television

Pietro F.
I have ADHD-Innattentive Type, Depression, and Anxiety, so anything that is truly effortless, increases Dopamine, and helps me disassociate: FaceBook. 😭 However, since I added "Observe Digital Use" to both my morning and evening routines, I have been able to cut this out. In the morning, I make a note within the task stating, "I want to spend less than an hour on Facebook today." In the evening, I write note within the task about how I did and why. I've also set up my Facebook app to notify me when I've been on Facebook for an hour. You can also see your log of how much time you've spent on the app. This has helped tremendously!

Maria C.
Distractions that come paired with something that is part of the deep work. For example, using a phone app for work, but noticing those notifications on the home screen. Or referencing a work-related email and noticing all the new emails in the inbox. I try to turn a blind eye to them, but that’s very difficult. I might start setting intervals for when I can check those things so I’m not tempted to check in the middle of deep work.