What do you do on days you are having a harder time focusing on a task?

Darrell F.
Normally, I like to keep those days a bit more relaxed, however not too much. Once I start a task, Fabulous really helps because of one of their sessions called Deep Work, I think. It’s 25 minutes long and it gets you in the mood for working. By the time the session is over, I find myself continuously working. If you ever have a hard time focusing , definitely try it 🙂
Glen I.
Take 5-10 mins to pause and ask myself if I have external or internal (emotions / limiting beliefs, fear) distractions or not the right conditions and what i can do support myself… and do I really want this or not? And then focus on feeling I’ll have on completion to motivate me
David J.
I forgive myself and reflect on how much progress I have made in my ability to focus. I try to allow myself to be imperfect in that moment and then gently do as much as I can.
Gustav W.
I repeat performance statement and sometimes meditate. Block out distractions and sit there for half an hour with timer on, Forest app for example
Felix S.
I just sit back and take deep breath. Then i just try to take up that work a little bit, not fully. I keepd doing it bit by bit not altogether stopping that work at all