How to cope with a procrastination problem? Is there any fun way to focus on a task with a kind of a task-reward system?

Albert G.
I almost never procrastinate on something I really want. I procrastinate on things where I expect a poor outcome or things that are emotional challenges.

For me… I look at those things I avoid and use it as an opportunity for personal growth. Try to learn what’s behind the fear or discomfort. Or if it’s something I just hate doing but feel that I should (like washing dishes), I set a short time, like 15 minutes and tell myself that’s all I have to do. And do a little bit each day. But often once I start I do more than the time I set.

Phone calls are hard for me. I tend to try to do them first thing and follow up with something I like to do as a reward.

Sometimes I procrastinate because I’m trying to do too many things. And then I need to give something up.

When it comes to health-related things like exercise and eating right, it has to be something I like. I like to walk. So I walk. I don’t like to cook, so I found a healthy source for pre-cooked food.

I cannot make myself do something long term that I just don’t like. So working out at the gym or fixing healthy meals much… just isn’t going to last if I know I don’t want to do it.

Frederic N.
Be aware of the distractions you are encountering. If it is urgent/emergency, act on it immediately. But if it can be dealt later, focus on your work. The Deep Work habit is really helpful in guiding you because it gives you time frame like 25 minutes to focus on your work.
Meinolf R.
I AM a procrastinator – which a lot of people who think they know me , don’t see. It’s likely because I am an “Energizer Bunny” always keeping busy and getting things done BUT not what should be getting done! I put off the hard ( or “not fun” ) tasks until a critical state then live in horror trying to get it done in ridiculously short order. Honestly – hyperventilation , wringing of hands, pulling hair ; fullPanic mode. This is NOT how I like to live. So, I have nothing cutesy about my reward for getting a difficult task done but resort to the basics of eating and sleeping. I carve out a plan and set targets that must be met before I allow myself my next meal! I allow myself water and coffee in unlimited amounts but no screen time, no radio (unless meditative sound track which I usually get bored of eventually), no sitting and contemplating … Full-on focused task completion or starve!