How do you deal with the important things that do not have a deadline?

Line Q.
I put them on a list and give them a help to have something I can see and there is something satisfying about checking things off a list.
Andreas C.
Mostly they go into my to-do list app and wait. I create my own sense of urgency for some things that I recognize as doable in my present circumstances and that I feel will resolve some tension in my life. But there are other things riding the to do list in hopes of kids getting old enough, and lower maintenance enough to be a productive human being again.
Severo E.
To organise my day to prioritise both time-based and ongoing tasks, I use two labelling systems. I mark my 3 most important tasks of the day in order. I can't do the second item until I've done the 1st. I also use the END system, marking each item either as energizing, neutral, or draining, and trying to ensure that my tasks are balanced. I.e. Not to fill the day with all draining tasks. For example, today among my other tasks was laundry, this was my C task and is rated N-neutral. My A and B tasks were time sensitive, the former was E-energizing and the latter was D-draining. There are other tasks in my day, and while I do mark if they are E, N, or D, I do not prioritise them, as not to get overwhelmed.
Karin X.
Firstly I collect all the material to study. Secondly I break the amount of information in tasks according with how many days I have to study. Finally I establis on my agenda what time and days to study. I usually follow my program strictly
Amalie W.
I’m probably not the right person to ask this question! I struggle to get started on tasks unless they are of interest or have a deadline. It depends if it’s important to me or someone else..if I care about the other person that might be enough to motivate me otherwise my usual plan of action would be to break it down into manageable chunks and do a little at a time