How do you overcome procrastination?

Phillip T.
I try to overcome procrastination by thinking of what that particular thing leads to or the goal that Im trying to achieve, but its really hard for me sometimes.
Enoque W.
At thid point in my life I do not actually do anything to battle procrastination. I procrastinate and then regret procrastinating when I am finally taking care of my priorities. I feel overwhelmed and it is not healthy :((
Alix E.
I had the hardest time with procrastination when I was in graduate school. I ended up getting a coach that would help me break the tasks into small, manageable tasks and put realistic deadlines. I would put in my calendar when I was going to work on them. I had to build trust with myself by sticking to the schedule and eventually I didn’t have to spend so much energy talking myself into doing it.

She and I also talked about my anxiety in starting a new task and she would let me talk through what I was going to do with her. Just saying it aloud made me realize it wasn’t as daunting as I had been making it out to be. I know people who have used accountability partners or work groups in similar ways as well.

I also created a playlist that got me angry at the anxious voice in my head telling me I couldn’t do it. I would use that energy and the feeling of empowerment to get the work done. The songs on my play list were break up songs as if I was breaking up with my inner critic. No one has the right to make me feel like I’m not good enough! All of this really helped me learn how capable I am.

Valeria R.
I really struggle with procrastination. Deciding to do just one part of a task, like the first step, sometimes gets me to do the whole thing but even if not, it’s an accomplishment. Little bit at a time.
Eliot Q.
The only way I can overcome it. Is realizing am procrastinating. I can tell when I’m going into “stupid mode’ , in other words I have things to do but suddenly my brakes engage. With that in mind I take some deep breaths and tell myself that I MUST get up and get going, period. Let me tell You I argue with myself, but I refuse to give in to nothingness. I have a masters degree in procrastination. With that said if I can over come nothingness you will. Give yourself a little credit, if you make the decision you will succeed.
Elizabeth F.
The longer it takes you to do it, the more you do not want to do it. Set up your surroundings to help; truly it comes down to telling yourself to do the work.