What do you do if you feel you’re working on something that might not be correct? As in writing an assignment but feel like you’re are doing it wrong or could work more productively?

Candice O.
I would feel upset firstly, but then I would try to reorganise my mind and to improve my behaviour because we have just one life, so we should exploit it in the best way
S Li C.
Pause and revisit the theme or concept behind the assignment. Take it at face value first, then rethink it for a few more minutes on a deeper level to see is there is anything new to be gleaned from a different outlook. Beware of “analysis paralysis”, or over analyzing which can lead to doubt and indecision.
Zachary Z.
Might be wrong -I usually ask for help or do an outline and then ask for feedback. If I’m really feeling insecure about being wrong, I might just continue doing it the way I was doing it and risk the consequences.
Not productive – sadly, I usually will just sink into my lack of productivity. However, I have been getting better at setting a routine and staying more focused and productive
Din F.
Honestly, I continue for another while. Having doubt is normal, but as long as you're only thinking you're doing it wrong, stopping might just be wasting time.
Ariela T.
Complete the writing assignment and set it to the side. Do something for two to three hours, (watch your favorite TV show, eat dinner, do other work, etc.) then come back and r as it again. You will see grammatical errors, you will see random sentences because your having random thoughts. Laugh! Be grateful you caught it, make the corrections, and smile. For extra troubleshooting read the paper out loud to yourself to see if things flow better or if new and better content come to mind. The most important piece is FINISH first! It’s a lot easier to correct spelling and flow at the last minute, than to scrap a paper and start again.
Carlos Q.
Make sure to ask someone for help if you think your doing something wrong. You can also put the best effort into your doings so you would feel like your work is the best you could do.
Am Lie P.
The best thing to do is put all of your energy to finish it, only then you can take it back and correct or make it better. this avoids the perfectionism and you only have to work to momethink finished
Sohan Q.
I always have a to-do list at least 3 important tasks deep. If I get stuck on one task, I switch to another. Often when I return to the first one, I see it with new eyes and can tackle it properly with a different perspective.
Simon Y.
I would ask someone who has done it before and seek their advice. They probably have encountered the same issue that you're facing and would be glad to share their experience.
Joerg I.
It will mean I’m not really focused and need inspiration I would stop what I am doing and go do something else maybe listen to music while I sit and think or listen to an audiable
And once I am relaxed I try again.
D Nio W.
There is a lot of focus required to do our everyday tasks with a fresh mind. There are two types of tiredness that I have realized hinder us from being close to perfect in whatever we do. One is easy to recognize and the other is not. If your body is stressed or, fatigued you tend to feel lazy and at the same time the body shows signs of duress like sweating profusely, feeling weak, getting muscle cramps amongst small signs and if disregarded can show other severe signs too. Mental tiredness after a hectic day at work does not show any physical signs and is often unrecognised. This tiredness leads to losing focus, forgetfulness and missing out on small details that we generally don't tend to make like grammatical errors, etc. Remember that a mind needs a reboot often just like a CPU of a computer would. Take a break and refresh your mind with short, weekend breaks away from our busy humdrum life. Take a nature trek, read your favourite book, listen to music that is peaceful and gives you tranquility, visit a place where you feel rooted to. After that tell me if you don't feel any change.
Anielo Q.
I try to take it one step at a time, as to not get overwhelmed with the task. It’s important that you know the direction or purpose behind the task at hand. If you thoroughly think about what it is you’re trying to complete, even if you are incorrect, you can then put forth a thoughtful and adequate answer to the best of your abilities. If you get to the end and find out that it was incorrect, you can simply use the information that you formed previously to help you better answer the task correctly this time. But if it’s something that can not be redone – simply acknowledge that you made a mistake and go forward and try not to dwell on the past but improve from it.
Same C.
Step away from the project for a while before making any decisions, then try starting anew, just to see how it feels. Write an outline of how you’d like your project to turn out.
Mirjam U.
Ask for help. If you know someone like a classmate, mentor, or coworker, who knows how to do what you're doing, ask them. Google it, and consider the source. Ask for as many details as possible, when initially taking on the project. If you are making your own project up, look for inspiration in people who work the way you would like to. Lastly, sometimes working from the heart is the best work you can produce. Get it done, and tweak it later if need be!
Ethan F.
If I have the time I will sleep on it for another night. I might reread the instructions or even totally restart.
I often make mindmaps to organise my thought and gather thoughts as they come in. I might revisit that mindmap to see whether there is any part I overlooked.
Use Oscams razor. This part that is troubling me is it neccesary or can it be simplified or even left out?
Albert J.
Im have lots lots thinking about it and usually if im feel is wrong that what im doing i stop doing . Im couldnt work against to me
Caroline N.
I would reread about the topic i am writing about, like, if i am writting about "what is CAT tools" and i figured out that i lost track on information or unable to describe an info. I go back to reread about CAT tools to absorb the information right so that i can really write about it. In conclusion, I believe that when u feel that you aren't writing correctly or unable to describe your info in a sentence it is because of your lack of attention you had while reading about it from the start so u didnt understand it enough. So reread it to understand it.
Scott E.
I identify what aspect of the assignment is bothering me and search how to improve it or make a note to remind myself to improve it later.
Lewis P.
I take a 15 minute break from it. When I return, I review the objectives of the assignment to make sure I understand then proceed from there. If it is not the assignment, then I ask myself why do I feel insecure about what I am doing.