Are there any tricks that I could use to stay motivated? I have a bad habit of staying in my bed and doing projects last minute. Any way you could help?

Johan E.
Put the tasks that work well next to your bed.,, such as writing plan for day, reading projects and once or twice a week you can have your computer or paper tasks and complete them.., in bed for an hour

Norah Y.
Starting an outline of what you need to accomplish and breaking it into steps makes it way easier to get it done and motivates you to start

Abbie E.
re staying in bed. ask yourself if you are tired or procrastinating. if you are genuinely tired then address that first- there are a lot of 'sleep hacks' you can learn about to increase the quality of your sleep – and your bedroom. there are also apps to measure sleep. I have had great results.
I also give myself permission to stay in bed- and in my PJs for the day one day over the weekend, so that I give in to the urge and it is fulfilled.

perhaps try this one first – baby steps. ❤️🙏🏻

last minute is a bit tricky – some people are just made that way. I'd suggest you focus on the sleep and bedtime routine, because improving that will positively impact other parts of your life 👍😘

Norma N.
I have the same problem too. Sometimes I’ll look up people/peers that I admire or I’m trying to “become” and I’ll print out their research papers (I’m in science) and tape them to the wall to guilt/remind myself. If you can go do work somewhere else like a coffee shop or a different room in your house , that might help too. You could also find an accountability buddy, where you tell each other your to do list and check in with each other to keep each other on track. Good luck!

Emy Q.
I have similar problems. What helps me tremendously is sharing my goals with others (talking about it makes it less heavy, and orders your thoughts), work together with someone, and above all learn to start small. Break down a big task into tiny chunks that seem doable today. 🙂

Victor Y.
The most helpful thing I’ve found is to remind yourself of the reason you decided to do those things. Write your Why on sticky notes and put them in strategic places.

Antonia T.
I have found that choosing my clothes for the next day and setting them out the night before helps just enough to get me out of bed early. As for motivation, I find it valuable to think of those who would benefit from my persistence and doing my best work consistently. For me, that is my family.

Rigoberto A.
I I struggled with this myself, but found that getting to bed earlier and doing each challenge made me want to get up and complete my morning routine as my life got easier and more fulfilling. I now jump out of bed at the first alarm. Putting in morning exercise has also helped as I love how my body feels and it motivates me to get up and start the day.