What do you do to keep yourself from distraction during deep work

Daouane N.
Mostly i turn on my internet and and keep my phone out of my rich and play some deep focus music in the background with headphones on to block all of the noises that might disturb me. And i just promise myself do get the job done and think about the way ill feel when i check it off my to do list
Isaac J.
I do my best to start by gathering any and all materials I know I will need as well as anything I am likely to want/need. Then I set up my workspace for whatever my task. Some have permanent places some don't. I use the restroom, get a beverage, and snack and make sure all my devices are plugged in. Hook up headphones to a playlist I know by heart and off I go.
Deborah O.
Are use a timer to help me stay focused. And I do tech nique very similar to meditation where I just noticed that when I’m doing tonight potential of what I’m doing and I’ll try to remember the moments when I distract myself or come out of the flow state and then no judgment, come back to it
Audrey O.
I turn on “do not disturb” mode on my phone and put it face down. I also turn off any notifications on my laptop as well if I’m working on it, and avoid opening my inbox to avoid distraction if a new email comes in
Lonnie Z.
I try to focus on my task, usually because it is important. I remind myself of how important it is and that really motivates me to try and finish that task so that I can succeed at what I’m doing. I’m still learning ways to stay productive, and it would really help if you could share with us (on the app) how we could achieve that.