How do you keep up with Fabulous?

Martha F.
I did a few Fabulous journeys early on (I started using Fabulous over a year ago) and they were definitely helpful to me. But after a few journeys, I began to notice that my rituals had become long and demanding to the point of feeling stressful. Since then, I have set a goal of having no more than eight habits per ritual (I only have four easy habits in the evening ritual). And for the most part, I stick with three rituals per day (I do have one additional weekly ritual). I have also dispensed with the idea of required amounts of time for most habits. (I have kept one for Deep Work.) When I have practiced a particular habit long enough to internalize it or the attitude or idea behind it (this can take many months for me), I eliminate it from my list to make room for a new one. The habits I need the most help with, like exercise, eating right, and Deep Work, remain in my rituals for good.