Is it really possible to work for 2 or 4 hours without a break? Do you prefer pomodoro-style work, with short breaks?

Otmar B.
I prefer pomodoro. I work best when I know I can get a break. Sometimes I get really engaged and then I can work for a long time
El Sia A.
I think it is if you success to focus deep without feeling in burden or stressed. For me, it depends how much I enjoyed that task (which is not always possible) and how much I get concentrated during completing it.
Julia X.
Working longer with shorter breaks increases my ability to get my task done and with the short breaks I am able to concentrate better on what my next move should be. And I am able to execute the plan.
Logan J.
This is going to be a short answer, but, it is how distracted you get easily. Just do some deep work. And no distractions!
Lucas B.
It is possible to work longer but i prefer to work for around 1 hour non stop and 10 min break time. Pomodoro is too short for me. If i stop to take a break every 25 min i loose my motivation to continue to work. When I tried different durations for focused work, i saw that 50min to 1 hour is my optimum focus time. Then i need a short break. I can work like this upto 4 hour and then i need a longer break like a lunch breaj of around 45 min.
Jayden S.
If I’m motivated and rested then I tend to work for 2 hours and then take an extended break of around 20 minutes, but I wouldn’t work more than 2 hours without a break. I use the pomodoro technique frequently for this, sometimes I skip the mini 5 min breaks if I’m in a flow, but I always take the long break after 4 pomodoros (2 hours). I’m doing a PhD and find self motivation to work very difficult, so the pomodoro technique really helps, I can say to myself ‘just do one pomodoro and see how you feel’, this always gets me started. Recently though I’ve read that 52 mins focused time then a 17 min break has been shown to be the most productive/optimal so I’m thinking of adjusting my pomodoro timer to these times and giving it a go. Hope this helps.
Kelya Y.
I prefer pomodoro-style work. I tried to longer work session several times, but fail or exhaused so cannot lasting to evening. I’m researcher so many people advise me continuous work is efficient, but I can’t.
Faith N.
2 hours is OK, it works (of course, coffee, tea etc is included)…4 not – 4 hours is too long range, I do not have such long tasks
Mikkel B.
It may be possible, but it probably won’t be sustainable as a habit. There would be risk of repetitive or ergonomic injury. I need short stretch breaks every so often.
Connor U.
I don't know how people work for long periods of time. I set myself specific tasks or amounts of time to work before taking a break. My work sessions are usuallyanywhere from 5-30 minutes. I find that looking forward to a break makes me more motivated to get the tasks done.
Zoe F.
I believe it is possible to work for 2 to 4 hours without a break. For me it depends on the situation. For example, I could clean my house or work on a project for about 2 to 4 hours without a break. But for paperwork I can only do about 30 to 45 minutes at a time. Then I need a break. I also think it depends on the individual and you have to do what works best for you.
Louis T.
I usually like to do all my work in one go, so yeah, it is definitely possible to work for 2-4 hours without a break. I feel that when I take breaks it is hard for me to get back into that zone.
Eleanor T.
I can do that occassionally. I have an app that helps me manage my time better though. I work on one thing continuously for 25 minutes then take a short, 5-minute break. I set it to cycle 4 times (for a total of 2 hours) before it has me take a long break of at least an hour. I’ve found that I’m a lot more willing to commit to a project or studying when I know there’s a break coming soon.
Angel P.
I prefer Pomodoro style and use the breaks to relax my body, not to distract my mind. I walk or stretch during the 5 minute break
Sander C.
I prefer working in longer sequences. If I take pomodoro-style breaks then I won’t get back to my work. I need to bang it all out in one shot or it won’t get done.
Yvonne E.
Not without any break at all! Sitting for long periods can be bad for the body, so take breaks regularly to rest your muscles, eyes, and mind.
But yes, with focus and concentration you can do deep work successfully for long sets of time.