I feel so exhausted between 8 pm to 10 pm. What should I do to recharge my energy so I can be more productive.

Sophie O.
There can be many reasons for this. Try options such as taking regular breaks from routine, getting some fresh air, rehydrating yourselves, try to eat some healthy food that releases energy slowly (say dry fruits etcl
Zoraida C.
Personally I'm already winning down at this point in the day, but in general I find that a quick win does wonders for my productivity. Sometimes I'll make a list of three to five tasks that are really easy to do. I'll literally wash one dirty spoon in the sink, or fold just one shirt from my laundry pile. And I'll cross it off the list the moment I finish, so there's a sense of reward for doing it. This is what works for me. Hopefully it'll at least give you some ideas. Good luck!
Colleen W.
Take a short meditation session to recharge. Otherwise, go for a short walk. Remember to stay hydrated and ensure the room temperature is neither too warm or too cold.
Charlotte C.
Hello!! 🙂 I feel that way most of the time too especially now in winter, but something that has helped me to deal with this is 1. Put my phone aside in a separate room as soon as you get home (or put it on Airplane mode) to avoid any distractions between 6pm-8pm and between that time I'll have a shower with room temperature water and make some dinner, to feel more energised I also do some stretches in Bed to release the tension in my back and neck after a long day of work. Another thing that creates a chain reaction in getting more things done during the night time is exercising. The fabulous app has some 5-minute quick moving options that you can do to energise yourself. And lastly, take a look into your diet, when you skip breakfast (or don't eat a nutritious one) you are more likely to feel more tired as the day goes by and sugar cravings will start to appear.
Roger U.
Most of the time it is just the body telling your mind that you are exhausted. Take a shower or drink a juice or listen to an upbeat music to get to charged up for the last part of the day. Finish strong.
Hugo Q.
Me time at 8pm, dress ready for sleep at 9pm, be productive for a short burst undistracted till 10/11pm to sleep. Any leftovers are to be done with a fresher mind at wee mornings.
Britney Z.
Ussualy what gets me moving on in that period is jump rope session, pushups, some kind of excersise. And then a cold shower, litterally cold
Valdemar Z.
I usually have a snack, like a refreshing apple, or do a quick energizing workout, like some star jumps, a 5 minute stretch, or a quick walk away from my desk to refresh my mind.
Sebastian Z.
If it's repeating daily, may be the problem with your morning routine. Drink more water, or dont excercise as hard (if you do). Take it easy on yourself, it's only 2 hours. Do something that don't require a lot if energy.
Jerome O.
What I have found helpful is doing yoga or some other light exercise for at least 10 minutes. This may seem counterproductive, that it would make you more tired. But actually it is being sedentary that makes your tiredness worse. As physics teaches us, a body at rest tends to stay at rest while a body in motion stays in motion.
Flora O.
Consider not being productive in the evening. Trying to be productive all the time IS exhausting. Can you cut yourself some slack? What if you use time of day for some gentle self-care? A bath, gentle yoga, manicure, plan your wardrobe for tomorrow, read, write. Maybe if you treat yourself well in the evening you can be more productive and focused the rest of the day.
Kayla E.
If a few jumping jacks don't do the trick, it means you're tired and you're not getting enough sleep. Do be careful not to let yourself get run down. That is a time of day when many people are winding down for bed in any case.
Levi S.
Have a mint or a refreshing tea. Also take 5-10 minutes break and do something away from your work such as meditating or taking a walk. Alternatively you can have some cold fruits or a mini snack if you are feeling weakened and without energy. Hope this helps!
Bertram C.
Hmmm.. listen to your body. Why do you feel you need to be productive during these hours? Let your body help you unwind, sleep well, and be ready to focus on work the next morning.