What do you do when you feel every plan you make is being blocked?

Vincent U.
When I think that every plan is being blocked the main thing I think is to don't give up keep going keep working keep managing what's going on and stay on track keep focusing on what you want to do the other thing Id do would be to keep a balance in my life make sure I go out do enjoyable things have good sleep I do some meditation and just hang in there no matter what
Ella U.
I am a believer of intuition, when I feel there is blocking for my plans, I try to change the way Iam proceeding. Many times our goal may be great, but our step towards achieving that may need some alternate plan. I take break for a while & reconsider my plans
Nils Z.
I don't get that too often, fortunately, but when I do, I try to separate each one and see if the blocks are placed there by external influence or by myself. If external, I try to see how to overcome them or put a project in stand by. If it's me, I take it to therapy and try to prioritize and focus reducing the number of tasks so I can get back on track.
Clifton E.
I've felt this way too. It seems every time most of us try to do something new and good, something to help us rise above the ordinary, there are obstacles that appear and threaten to block or discourage us. As a person of faith, I often think of this as coming from a spiritual enemy; but it just as often comes from everyday life; from old bad habits or emotional wounds; or even from people in our lives who are not comfortable with us changing. Sometimes even people who care about us are unintentionally jealous of our efforts to improve ourselves, and they get in our way. So the big question: What do I do when I feel every plan I make is being blocked? I do TWO things: FIRST, I take a good look at my plans. Are they maybe being blocked because they aren't actually right for me? Am I sure that my plans are in line with my best goals for my life? Am I making realistic plans that work around, and not against, the obstacles in my life? SECOND, if I've figured out that my plans aren't the problem, then I just KEEP GOING!!! Sometimes it WILL be life, or other people, or spiritual warfare, that appears to hinder me. Unfortunately there's no other solution than to keep fighting the good fight, keep slogging forward!!! I find that it really helps to work on the Fabulous habits, so that when I hit resistance, I can still have some victories in my day, and still move forward a little bit. Do whatever it takes to lift yourself out of discouragement, and whatever you do, don't give up on a better life!!
Angelica F.
When I feel like every plan is being blocked I just keep heading toward my goals and try to creatively work around the block or some how use it to my advantage.
Thea P.
Just focus on one thing. One plan. Focus on one step of one plan. Simple, something you can accomplish, because you know you can. If that's too difficult keep simplifying till it's absolutely unbelievably possible. An ultra small step if need be. Do that one thing. Then you did something! So the plans aren't completely blocked. Which means they're possible. So do the next small thing. Do many small things. Eventually you'll have a big thing. And that'll be done. Also do it first thing in the morning or as early as you can. That superhelps .
Colin Z.
I try to list three things I’m grateful for and three things I did that week or day that I’m proud of. It really helps shift my mindset to focus on the positive and raises my confidence so I stay motivated despite the temporary blocks