What’s the difference between Deep Work and Block Distractions to you?

Ruben Z.
Geen afleiding is belangrijk bij studeren niet bij ongestoord hobby. Onderscheid belangrijk bij kinderen die nog hulp en bevestiging nodig hebben.

Filippa Z.
Block distractions is to put my phone on silence, put some music on and tidy up my working space with only the things that I need to work. Deep work is to define what I am going to do, write it down and do only that without worrying about anything else.

Austin Z.
No difference. The question should be: what is the amount of desired work that got done?
Keep on ask myself, can I experiment with method to increase the amount? Yes, I can. Well, do it.
Is this work that got done due to deep work or due to distraction blocked? That is not too important to me…

Dustin E.
Deep work to me is like productive sleep – there are certain parameters that need to be met that provide a better outcome. Ie. A heart surgeon would be well advised to have a space for deep work. I think we can all benefit from recognizing that some work is better suited to a context of deep work than others.

“Blocking distractions” could just be reducing inputs – not necessarily deep work.

Lillie E.
I have block distractions in my nighttime routine. For me, that means turning on white noise, using earplugs and a sleep mask for better sleep. Deep work for me is when I can focus on a particular project or issue uninterrupted for at least half an hour. To do that, I do need to block daytime distractions like email, phone, and other people. I often hide out in a conference room when I really have to focus.

Roy G.
Deep work only works when I'm okay with being distracted. If I'm doing deep work, I dont want to be distracted so blocking them would be primo

Emilie N.
Block distractions is a preparatory process. It's systematically going through your space and activating protective measures to keep from being disrupted during deep work. Deep work is about being so focused on what you are doing that you fall into a flow state and are unaware of the passage of time. It doesn't always happen, but it is the goal and ideal. Removing distractions is actively preventing your monkey mind from taking you out of your flow state