How can you condense your work to 25 minutes?

Dean N.
I am an artist. 25 minutes seem to work the best for me. Concentrate, use my right brain mostly. Then take a visual break. Sit back. Sometimes just get up and get back in 5 minutes or so for next session.
Thomas N.
By priority order: important things first-15minutes and then the less important ones-5minutes,least important ones-last 5minutes
Curtis T.
I don't condense it, I split it up into 25 minute sessions. I have a tendency to get overwhelmed at the size of a daunting task. I find in easier to start when I only have to commit to 25 minutes at a time.
D Lia P.
Which work? For whom? With what deadline?

Just because my scheduled work time is 25 minutes doesn’t mean I can’t work more. To me that’s a minimum. I think I extended mine to 90 minutes anyway.

I start projects early. Depending on priorities and deadlines I go over my time if I need to. I didn’t make a schedule that plans out every minute of my day. I used to do that. Very self defeating. I go for the three goals and if something comes up and I don’t get to all three? I didn’t fail. Life isn’t predictable. Resting and being flexible are important to me.

Playing too.

I am learning not to overcommit. I am learning not to value other people's needs before mine.

I am learning to talk to other people about whether my expectations are reasonable. Try different things. See what works. Everything isn’t finished in 25 minutes.

Roy Z.
I set aside the time for before I get home from work. (I’m working on writing as my deep work). I don’t go home first because I’ll get lazy, so I go to the library or something. I set up something to track my time but not a timer, and I just start while I listen to music. I go until I can’t resist looking at the clock anymore and then I usually call it. I haven’t had it be less than 25 minutes yet! Usually more!
Nathan S.
You can’t. These are just intervals. Shut everything off, and concentrate on work only for 25 minutes. After, rest. When you’re recovered, work again.
Julian T.
Be more focused. Less distraction. But also get everything ready first. Music. Resources. Plan what needs doing. Maybe in order of importance. Have a list.
Olindo E.
The more I do a job, the faster I get. sometimes it helps to ask an older person who is more experienced in what you are trying to do. for instance, I learned to have soapy water in the sink while I bake so that I can place dirty dishes in there ASAP and let them soak. It makes it easy to get the sticky batter off, making clean up faster.
Brooke W.
I do a whole body yoga flow which takes about 20 minutes and it really works your whole body. Or I’ll go for a quick fast paced swim for 20 minutes and 5 minutes for cooling down.
Riley Z.
Block distractions. Turn notifications on phone off or airplane mode. Have a notepad for distractions handy. When you think of something that had to be done. Write it down then get back to work. When your 25 mins of work is up, check the list and see if the distraction is needs to be done.