How do you stay focused on a task for a long period of time when you don’t like what your doing/studying?

Franklino F.
Block any possible distraction, and write what distracted you on a sticky nite or a note book or a piece of paper
And after a week take a look at them and try to figure out which part needs practice and try to search about how to make the situation better, and do yoga or exercise after a long time of studying or…
Oliver E.
I think you have to break the task up into small chunks and just get working. In my experience, action usually precedes focus. Once I've gotten started, I eventually become more focused.
Zack F.
Try and find the "bigger picture". Why are you studying this in the first place? Is it a building block to something you really want?

(Also, break it down. If you can't do an hour – or whatever – straight without getting off task – don't. Push through for 15 – 20 solid mins and reward yourself with a short break/activity etc. Then repeat!)

Tracy T.
I just put my phone in another room to avoid procrastinating. Then i will set up my work space, grab some fruits or veggies (i like carrots and hummus) and only eat/ take a bite of my snack once i get a portion of what i am trying to focus on done.
H Lo Se C.
I glue myself to the chair, turn off distractions, then when my task is done, I can breathe sweet air because I know I am finished!
Jim O.
I put my phone in a drawer, my pc in focus mode and I put some playlist that I like but with a very low volume (this way I can, at least, enjoy sth). Also, I usually search for everything that I might need before starting so I have to stay put and so I don't have more distractions. I work under a window so I have natural light and don't get stressed. You can also make a drink that you like (I drink coffee but tea or any other works) before starting and you have another stimulus to stay there, I also use scented candles so it smells nice (another stimulus). To sum up, it's all about making the place great with all the stimulus you can. I also stretch every 45 minutes if I have to study or work for long hours.
Claire A.
You should take break between things to exercise and work out like do the yoga weight loss app or stretch or meditation every day before you give your self a massive headache from over working your brain.
Carolyn O.
I take a break nap for 10mins go eat something, breath fresh air wash my face with cool water. Not ready yet? I would actually start meditating and visualising my self finishing my work