How long do you try to focus for each time you do the deep work habit?

Avery J.
I’m trying to focus for a long time in my day also I’m trying to be focused all the day but I distracted and I’m sorry when I’m saying that so I’m going to do meditation to be focused and relax an I started meditation after i woke up
Benita Z.
Depends on what I am doing. When programming I usually go for 40-60 minutes straight. If I run into a problem, I keep going until it is solved. But with college and all, it is usually around 30-40 minutes and then I need some change.
Terri J.
I use the 45 minute deep work timer. I block my work in 1 hour chunks, knowing that I will do deep work for 45 minutes and break for 15. That way my work can be sustainable throughout the day.
Naz Rio S.
I try to focus for about 25-30 minutes. By then I've been working so long that I'm in a flow and keep working. But it's different for everyone so find what works best for you.
Albert G.
just a minimum of 25 minutes. if i feel productive and “in the zone” I will keep working after time runs out; but if not, I will take a 5-10 minute break before returning back to work.
Elias C.
I try to be consistent by focusing on my work for 30 minutes. As such I can have a 5 minute break then start all over again.
Zoey G.
I try to focus at least an hour each time I perform the “deep work” habit. While at work it’s hard for me to silence my notifications because I’m often up and away from my desk, so my desk phone rings to my cell phone, but I try to find a minimum of an hour each day at work to Deep Work. When I’m at home working on my freelance stuff and my business, I tend to focus more time (an hour and a half to two hours) to Deep Work. It’s really about starting small and working your way up to bigger time blocks as you go.
Christian N.
An hour. I have to limit the time I deep work as I get carried away and want to do more. But that's a trap. There will always be more work if you go looking for it. Im training myself to walk away and to not over work. I have a list of what I want to achieve. I do them if there's other things that come to mind when Im in deep work. I write it down for the next days deep work session.
Corentin Y.
It depends on what I’m working on and if my kids HAVE to be here. I can’t focus more than 7 minutes at a time so I work for 5-6 minutes at a time working with my list.