First thing in the morning isn’t just when I want to get work done – everyone around me does too. How do you keep yourself from just answering other people’s questions and helping them every day? I love to help, but I feel like I am exhausted before I can start working!

Laurie X.
You can only help others when you’re in the right state of mind and are taking care of yourself. Otherwise, it might become counterintuitive. A great motivation is that the best happiness comes from showing kindness to others.
Elsa A.
I put a dedicated one hour block of time on my calendar first thing each morning to work on my high priority tasks. I also put on my noise cancelling headphones at this time to block distractions and send a visual cue that I’m not available to chat.
Ray F.
If you can, find a space where you can get a head start on your work without interruption. Then when you’ve done enough, move back into the main space so you can still help others! Best of both worlds.
Judy U.
Hi there,

First of all, I wake up an hour earlier than anyone else. Second, I tell my family that I need an hour in the morning to work and not be distracted. Third, I put everything on plane mode.
Fourth, I decide exactly what I will do in the morning the evening before, visualizing me doing it. The fourth is very powerful, as it lowers the barriers to sitting down.

Keep on trying!!

H Lo Se Y.
I think I finally found the mindset to do it by following this challenge. In other words, I could tell myself and the people around me exactly how much time I needed and when. That way, they knew to give the space. The awesome by-product is that I'm seeing some independence and problem solving from my loved ones. Even 25 minutes of me being unavailable has give them 25 minutes of self empowerment. I'll start adding 5 minutes a week starting next week.
Sebastian T.
I would say learning to say no would be the thing. If no is out of reach, see if yoy can make an arrangement. Like 3 times a week. Or share the responsibilities, maybe?