I often get stressed in the morning to get to work but I won’t exercise if I don’t do it before work. Any suggestions to get to the gym faster?

Hector Q.
What about biking to work?

On the other hand if you get your habits sorted out, you can have a good Idea of how much time you need to get your morning routine done, and then you can wake up at the right time

Involve on your routine things like drinking your coffee not in a rush, but actually enjoy it, same as in the gym, plan enough time to do the things the way you can enjoy them

Leonard F.
This is tough and I have the same struggle. I think about exercising as adding to rather than taking away from work. If a quick run or workout makes me more focused, I’m more productive when I get into work. And I try to go to bed early, so I can go a workout in before work and still get to the office at a reasonable time. But I’m definitely still grappling with this, too.
Mathilde X.
Exercise at home. Skip the gym! You save money and time. I work out for 20 minutes on my living room floor every morning before work. Then maybe a run in the afternoon. That kind of a short but steady and frequent workout has me in better shape than ever. I'm 36.
Jon G.
I am doing the excercise at home on a training mat that is already prepared in my bed room. I just change myself and get to excercise without shoes.
Clinton C.
-get a buddy to meet there! You’d never ditch a friend right?
-go to bed and wake up earlier
-work out at home
-pack your bag the night before.
Martha T.
Not any to get to the gym faster, but there’s a few other alternatives. Waking up earlier. Shorten your morning routine a bit to make more time to work out. Working out at home. Working out at work if that’s an option.