How do you get into the “zone” when you have to do something you don’t want to do?

Courtney S.
Typically I prepare my mind for tasks I prefer to do but I know I need to do them. I usually will pray first and then listen to some music. Music or a podcast always helps me get into the zone of completing unwanting tasks. For me I know if I let things linger to long it turns into procrastination so I do my best to get unwanted tasks out of the way as quickly as possible, that way I’m able to enjoy and focus on the things that are bringing fulfillment to me.
Timmothy N.
Music, preferably boring music- voices and string instruments are apparently distracting, so I go for piano, classic or jazz
Josiane C.
Life will be better when you complete it. 🙂 I just remember why I'm doing it remind myself that it's important for the future, at least in my case.
Juliette O.
It's a trick that form me works most of the time 🙂
Think about this: if you prioritize the less "wanted to do task" as your First to-do task, you will have the rest of the day hassle-free, free from the though of having to do something that you don't really want to do.
So, do it as your first task and I will assurde you that the rest of the day will be lighter and positive.
Susie Q.
Basically I have laid back attitude, most of the time I force myself to be systematic in all my work, including day today work. I make it a point to do the work daily by assigning specific time slot. After that give myself freedom to enjoy my time the way I want. First work, then enjoy
Kelly J.
Find the positve aspects. Think if you have to do it it means there is a connection to something you want. Focus on the connection. I think it is hard 🙁 Good luck.
Sophia P.
I think the key is to minimize distractions, so that you won't have any choice but to do that thing. Close your phone. Disconnect the internet. Sit in the most quiet and isolated place.
Once you go past the difficulty of actually starting, things will flow easier.
Arcelino Q.
Do a Mel Robbins countdown method. 5 4 3 2 1

Go on and try to set a timer for 5 minutes to get it done. Just five minutes then when the timer is up go to the next task.

Sebastiana Q.
I find that once I get started it becomes much easier to stick with the task and complete it. Sometimes, I give myself a little pep talk about why the task is important and how I need to buckle down and get it done. I also envision a minor reward for when I get done, like a stroll around the office or heating my cup of coffee back up. This creates a positive association with getting the task done and makes it easier to motivate myself throughout.