What happens when your task takes longer than 20 minutes?

Maricilda O.
If it's only going to take 5 or so minutes longer I'll extend my session and take a break after, otherwise I'll still take my break. Just set down my work, stand up, stretch, take a short walk. I come back to the task with a little more juice rather than killing myself to try to get it done in one session.
Victor Y.
This is one of my biggest quandaries with how best to use Fabulous — my morning routine alone takes me almost all day … I’m slow, I’m disabled, I guess I also have other things I have to do between these tasks … not sure exactly what the problem is, but the Fabulous time estimates are always way way off for me
Johan Z.
I have to reevaluate my schedule and see what makes sense and why the task took longer as well .. I find it very important to be realistic and do things of quality
Eduartino I.
I take action to get started when I tell myself to work on the task for only 20 minutes. I find myself no longer procrastinating on tasks that I am dreading to start.
Mason P.
I check in on myself after the allotted deep work time. If I need to focus my eyes or take a quick break i do that, then I restart the task if I feel up to it. If I want to do something else for a bit I do that, then return to the main task.
Thadd Us S.
take a break if your task is taking too long. that way you will be refreshed and ready to get back on track on your task.