What is your preparation ritual for work?

Olenka Q.
Hello, what I like to do I set myself up for the day before it begins (right before I go to sleep the night before). I’ll check my to do list and organize them around my free time. When I wake up I already have my to do list so I use Fabulous to remind me to pick three things that are the most important in my day and concentrate on them. Included in my morning rituals is checking my weight, making sure I have keys, wallet, cell phone, And make sure the dogs have fresh water and food. Each day can vary but I think it’s essential that you gather your thoughts early in the morning and get that to do list in order. Even if you can’t do everything on the to do list that day, at least you’ll have them arranged so you can finish the top three which are the most important.

Martin C.
I always get up at the same time. I then first drink coffee, then I prepare breakfast, have breakfast and shower and dress. I always do these in the same order so that I am always ready to go to work between 08.20 and 08.30.