How do you stay focused when your coworkers are talking and making jokes and having fun?

Lillie O.
You can put on headphones and listen to music, but really you have to develop willpower. It takes a while to develop, but once it is developed, it can do wonders to your life.
Neil O.
It's all about your aim, that what you want to achieve. It's tough, but if your goals have more importance than anything else, then it is easy. But it is more easier if you get into a vibrant calm place instead of staying in a distracting one.
Qu Snia Y.
I genuinely struggle with this so much. I have ADHD and any noise or visual distraction breaks my concentration. It takes at least 20 mins for me to get in the zone, so it's really frustrating when i get distracted. I use noise cancelling headphones, and I've mentioned to some of my colleagues that I have difficulty staying focussed, so they try to bother me less. At the end of the day I try to remind myself that I can control what my mind pays attention to. Meditation helps with that. I take note that i hear a noise or whatever, and then let the thought go. Doesn't always work, but I'm working on it
Romane Y.
I put on my headphones even if I am not hearing music to let them know I am not available for a conversation. If they ask something I will just ignore them (I have my headphones 😉 so it’s not rude). Also I try to have an objective that will take me around 40 minutes and when I achieve it will go and have some spare time with them.