How long should your deep work be?

Fatima A.
I'd like it to be enough time until I understand it well, and I feel like I've studied the subject well and able to explain it to the professor, at least 10 hours like this!

Iole S.
It depends on how much I feel like working. If I'm on the flow, I do 45 minutes or an hour of deep work. If it is not the day then I work for 25 minute intervals alternating them with 5 minutes breaks.

Zaraa A.
The deep work is depend on your mood. Like if you are lazy you will took a long time. But if you are in good mood than it will take as much as the time could take.

Gulsum X.
I would prefer to work and be productive as much as you can but if you can’t concentrate then just try do 10-20 minutes then break 10-30 minutes then break again and keep doing that but if I were you I’ll start a ritual for trying to focus to the task in hand.

Fred P.
I use thar time frame to Finish projects or work on things that I need to have focus or concentration. My timeframe usually run from 30 minutes to 4 hours. I take a five minute break after 25 minutes or I take a 15 minute break after an hour.

Alaina F.
Minimum of 2 hours, preferable 3-4hours. Enough to get in the zone and then stay there for a good amount of time to make significant progress

Ya L.
Deeper work really should be treated with respect in regards to how much you give of yourself. If you can only do the work with grace for 5 minutes, start there. Transformation lies in the spaces between, and that requires consistency. Build up to 15-20 minutes daily and see where you need to go from there. Your journey is your own, and only you will know how long you need to spend to give it the honor it’s due.

Julia F.
I can only tall about my experience but at the beginning when you just begin with fabulous and your "new me". Them it is better to start woth short sessions. namely the 20 minute deep work thing in Fabulous. But after a while (take your time, it is not a race) you click on the 45 minute deep work session. And so on and suddenly you can deep work for hours. So you are in the flow.

Cansu X.
I try to deep work at least 20 mins and not more than 45 mins. If I started to be distracted by another things before 20 mins, I gave myself enough time to distract myself than start again to my new deep work. If I deep work longer than 45 mins, my head started to hurt… I think person should find this by ownself by trying again and again.

Trish C.
I actually turn my ringer off prior to disconnecting and then do my stretches light exercises prior to going to bed. I will check my phone once before climbing into bed and if it’s something urgent I will deal with it, if not, it can wait until morning.

Kim G.
I find 50 minutes helpful. That gives you time for a 10m break if needed, or a way to check you're still on track and working on the right thing. But you can do shorter or longer if that suits you.

I was horrible at getting into deep work mode. I used to work past midnight just to be able to focus. But now I do the opposite. I get out of bed earlier so I have time to gather my thoughts. I choose my most important tasks and put them in order. Then I use to get into deepwork. It's a platform which pairs you with someone and really really helps. Would totally recommend. Good luck!

Curtis J.
Depending on the work you want to focus on, it can take from 15 to 40 mins. If you think it's goin to take longer, I would suggest you take a 5-10 min break after every 40 mins.

Emory F.
Form me, deep work is generally 2-3 hrs. If I can spend the first hour really focusing I get in the vibe for the next couple hrs. I've heard that it is better to work for shorter amounts with breaks built in, but breaks can break my concentration and make it harder to build momentum. Once I'm in the zone however, I tend to naturally take 5 min breaks every once in a while to think and process.

Farah N.
It’s better than being less than one hour because to keep your minds in good focus and mood, and I recommend taking a break for 25:30 minutes that’s gonna help you, and you can take a power nap about an hour to give you energy more. That will support your productivity.

Angelo S.
It should be for as long as you need to focus and get the work you need done. I would say minimum 30 min and then however long you need from there.

Lisa O.
I found at first it started off short and as it became a habit the time I spent became longer as well. The time I spent also became more enjoyable once it became a habit.

Dwayne E.
I think It should change depending on what you have to do, and what kind of work you're doing; if you're on a free day, and you're using it to get done a few Boring things and then move on, or if you're studying for an exam, for example

Efrosini P.
Well the duration of your deep work depends on the amount of work you have to do . Apart from that I think is not ideal to pressure ourselves so the best amount of deep work is 45 minuits for two times or three times a day and if you feel energized enough you can increase the time of your work . Just don’t force it or else there will be no results . You can start with small work sessions and then add more and more time day by day

Sa D N.
That differs. It depends on the tasks I got ahead of me. For small taks I use the pomodoro method. 25 minutes focused and then a break and continue again. But if I have a big chunk of work I usually set at max four hour focus. Set a note and sign it that I commit to it and put it next to me.

Chelle Z.
I use the 25 minute routine included in the app. It helps me knowing that I only have to do it for a short time. I usually end up working past the timer, but I try not to. I do 2 or 3 sessions of this per day as needed.

Cameron O.
Like all other habits, start small and add on over time. Start with whatever you’re comfortable with, then slowly build up.

Johan B.
Deep work should be as long as you feel comfortable. If you start to feel overwhelmed and tired then make sure to give yourself plenty of breaks. Treat yourself to a bag of sweets of a cup of tea. Make it enjoyable – not stressful.