How do you get back your focus if you are interrupted?

Claudia Z.
The skill that I’ve been working to cultivate to deal with distractions is keeping a notepad handy and writing down each distraction, then going back to the focus task.

For many distractions that helps me avoid getting derailed by the distraction while clearing my mind from concern about what I’m missing, since I can go back to it later without fear of forgetting it.

Some distractions are too urgently compelling to ignore, like a call from someone important or potentially important. I use a pomodoro timer to divide up my focus periods and let me reassess my priorities every period, and for urgently compelling distractions I just pause it and leave the timer visible. That reminds me I’m in the middle of a focus period so I can get back to it after a brief distraction or skip the interval and start over if the distraction is a long one. This is helping me so far.

Tamara P.
Take a deep breath, bring your attention back into what you were doing.

Quiliano Q.
If im interrupted i write down what interrupted me and then get back to it. I put my phone on airplane mode at night so it cant distract me in the morning. I turn it back on 10am for the first time but all my notifications are disabled. I dont let the events and interruptions to control my life. I control them.

Suly N.
Write down the distraction on a sheet of paper and understand that wandering of mind is very natural. Now use your will power to re-focus.

Osmano A.
You just tell yourself that you need to keep working cuz you have a goal to accomplish and you use that empty checkbox in your todo list as a driving force to gain back your focus and finish your work.

Frida F.
I will stand up walk around to get my mind back on what I am supposed to do, and once my train of thought is back underway; I take my phone and turn on all My Music then I resume whichever task I packed my focus on then see the task through.

Emmi U.
If you want to get your focus back on something like work you simply have to think about the thing that is distracting you like your sister and tell her to stop if your phone is distracting you then switch it off or use an app blocker the second step is to take 10 deep breaths and try to continue with the work or take a walk or dance then study
If you lost your focus while meditating simply acknowledge the thing that is distracting you and start thinking about your breath start saying inhale and exhale in your mind
If you feel that you have lost your focus on life then simply try to be more mindful and make new habits or resolution or start a new think of it as a new opportunity for you to start again

Amelia Q.
I just remember what I was doing and get right back into it. Sometimes the break is good to allow myself a moment before finishing strong on whatever I am doing.