How are you disciplined about getting started? And how do you avoid distractions during the time? I’m in an open plan office so that’s is tricky.

Sigfried O.
How are you disciplined about getting started? And how do you avoid distractions during the time? I'm in an open plan office so that's is tricky.
Dilemre N.
Before starting my plan, for example, before I go to sleep the night before, I say to myself, "I have to do this, everything will get harder if I don't do this." I remember that I woke up the next day, and I feel guilty for every second I don't do that.
I am a student and you know, corona … I am at home every day but my house is noisy and I should focus on my lessons. I'm using a website about this problem, its name is This website has noise canceling and I think it's useful.
Bill Q.
Im using an apllication called forest to get focused in deep work. To avoid distractions i use head phones and listen soft and apropriate songs for work
Elie C.
I take a long time to get started on things but once I start I need to keep going so I don’t get distracted which happens multiple times a day.
Tina U.
My job is the very essence of deep work. I do massage for work. I also teach at a massage school. In order to be good at what I do, I had to learn to focus and not let my mind wander. I do a centering routine before entering the room on days that I feel stressed or distracted so that before I go in with my client I can let all that stuff go and be fully present with my client. Part of it is called whole brain posture. It’s a position I put my body in that helps to stimulate the corpus callosum of the brain, that part between the two brain hemispheres. I tell myself that I am centered, balanced and whole while I stand in that position. I tell myself that I am using both sides of my brain to do my best work, to focus on my client and what I feel and what is the best treatment for him/her, and to leave all my worries and cares outside the room. This practice has helped me over the years to get good at connecting with individuals in all situations.
David J.
Headphones, start with your most pressing work but break it down into as many steps as needed until the first step is accomplish able
Rebecca X.
Getting started is the hardest part of work. I have to mentally change my narrative from “I don’t want to work” to “ I am good at what I do and it won’t be difficult for me to have a productive day.” I do this by meditating before I start. I meditate on the new narrative that I want for myself and it helps motivate me to get to work.
Sauro F.
Discipline is a learned trait! So I make sure I focus enough energy and apply enough effort and consistency to achieving what it is I need to create discipline around. I write a checklist every morning with everything I’d like to do, this helps with visualisation and accountability. When it comes to distractions I allow them to come and go, as long as I am able to resume focus back to the task at hand. You can’t make distractions go away but you can learn how to be settled amongst them. A slice of mindfulness
Sydney J.
I would put in headphones/earbuds with some low music (without words) and have a notebook by my side. The notebook would be for anything that came to mind during my work that wasn't related. Also the earbuds help me zone out the world and focus on the task at hand
Latavia R.
That’s something that I am working on myself as well. I have a very short attention span because of the technology and social media so it makes it hard to stay focused on my tasks. What I have been doing lately is when I want to focus on something I will set my phone to do not disturb mode. This helps me get rid of all the distractions on my phone. Then on my computer I close out of all unnecessary tabs, put on some music
El Na Y.
You can try clearing a space on your desk or in your area with good habits. It also helps to listen to music you won’t want to skip every other song. If there is not space to clear, then you could find another place to have your focus time (e.x. Doing work in the bathroom or break room where there aren’t any distractions)