Is being sincere any way wrong. Is working hard wrong. Should we be careless. Should we do work perfectly or imperfectly? Should we take responsibility or not? Because people who take responsibility are sincere and hardworking but people who are careless, poor, irresponsible are environment friendly. Am I right or not?

Otelo Q.
I don’t really know how to respond to your question(s). I’ve asked myself this before… but, I have a sort-of response which could help you understand. I would rather be mean and lying all the time, but not pollute as much and not be stressed because of being hardworking. I think I would be careless, rather than polluting; saving the enviroment is my #1 worry. But, if we all become careless, it could also mean that we wouldn’t even care about… anything relating nature anymore – that’s simply my opinion. I’m extremely sincere, and anxious. It would be better to be careless. Although, you made me think. We waste water every morning, just for our own satisfaction of completing a Fabulous habit. For our “health,” supposedly. I don’t know, but it’s a good thought. Mediate about it, and you might get it. Soon. Have a nice morning/afternoon/night. And thank you.